Unleash Your Inspired Voice Is…

A revolutionary conscious mentorship and brand alignment program developed by author, content strategist and Unity Consciousness Activist, Peter Clark Nelson.

Group Programs & 1:1 Sessions Are Designed To…

Free you from lingering self-doubt, break free of creative blockages, and amplify the power of your brand message so you can…

Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Monetize Your Brand Message

Profitably Scale Your Business 

Joyously Scale Your Consciousness

Positively Raise the Planet’s Consciousness

If you’re struggling to…

Consistently and profitably monetize your brand message 

Get unstuck from a vicious cycle of self-doubt and self-sabotage

Sustain a high-level of creative energy and conscious awareness  

Apply what you’ve learned from all those courses you signed up for

Align your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience

Effectively pre-educate and pre-sell your solutions to your ideal clients

Break free from the debilitating myth that selling & marketing is tacky and unprofessional 

Unleash Your Inspired Voice is for you.


I am Peter Clark Nelson, founder of Unleash Your Inspired Voice, author, content strategist, and Unity Consciousness Activist.

For the past 20 years I’ve been honored to serve as a content strategist, intuitive ghostwriter, and mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Hollywood creatives, subject matter experts, spiritual healers, holistic practitioners, and best-selling authors.  

Despite the success I’ve had in my career, much of it was not enjoyable. I learned the hard way that when a business is scaled successfully but your consciousness isn’t equally scaled, being out of alignment produces intense suffering on many levels.  

This is why I created the Unleash Your Inspired Your Voice conscious mentorship and brand alignment programs. I now passionately bring this wealth of experience to you, as I am devoted to serving as your mentor and guide to scaling your consciousness while scaling your business.

I am honored by your presence here and excited we have finally crossed paths. I use the word ‘finally’ because those who are supposed to connect in this world will do so at an ideal moment in time.  For you and I, that time is now. Let’s make the most of it.

I invite you to discover which program resonates with you. From there, please let me know how I can serve and support you to unleash your inspired voice. 

From my inspired voice to yours. 

Peter Clark Nelson

Unleash Your Inspired Voice Programs

Joyously Scale Your Consciousness &

Profitably Scale Your Business


The Breakthrough program includes 1:1 sessions that are available as a single, four-hour intensive session or spread out over 30-days in (4) 60-minute sessions. 


Content Strategy is a 90-day transformative program that involves 1:1 strategy sessions and minor content development. 

The most comprehensive Unleash Your Inspired Voice program, Content Development involves six months of intense business building and life-altering 1:1 strategy sessions and extensive brand message development. 

“Unleash Your Inspired Voice: 60-Day Mentoring Course” is a new, cutting-edge group program that includes (eight 2-hour Live group sessions facilitated by Peter) and (two 1:1 sessions with Peter). An application process is available to be one of the first 10 to experience this course which gets underway on 1/11/2019. 

#1 Amazon Best Seller

“Peter brought my message to life by helping me turn a tagline into a #1 Amazon Best Selling book. He has been an indispensable creative collaborator, helping me get the message of my book, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming” in front of over 350,000 people through social media campaigns, articles, and interviews on television, radio, and podcasts.”

~ Joanie Marx ~

Best-Selling Author, Hollywood Actress & Baby Boomer Advocate

Effortless, Enjoyable and Profitable.

“Peter is the best content strategist and marketing consultant I’ve ever hired. He is also one of the most brilliant content creators and sharpest, creative minds I’ve been around. Working with Peter clarified my brand messaging and produced one breakthrough after another. The collaborative process was effortless, enjoyable and profitable.”

~ Catherine Seda ~

Internet Marketing Strategist and Best-Selling Author

A Game Changer

“Pete’s relentless pursuit of excellence helped make my first book, “What’s Your Sales Story?” a huge success. The marketing campaigns he set up for the book were instrumental in me landing several keynote speaking engagements and securing a six-figure consulting project. Working with Pete is a game changer for your business and life.”

~ Ja Marr Brown ~

Author, Keynote Speaker, & Founder of Selling In Color 

Here’s How You Get Started

Unleash Your Inspired Voice conscious mentorship and brand alignment programs are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

There are three uniquely designed 1:1 packages and an upcoming group program that includes personalized guidance, timely breakthrough techniques, conscious mentorship, high-vibrational content development, and profitable brand alignment strategy.

After you’ve applied for your spot in one of the Unleash Your Inspired Voice conscious mentorship and brand alignment programs, the next step is scheduling your Discovery Call (via phone or Zoom) with Peter.

This is a complimentary 30-minute strategy and brand alignment session to explore why you feel Unleash Your Inspired Voice is right for you and your business.

More than just a proposal, if you’re selected to be part of an Unleash Your Inspired Voice mentorship and brand alignment program you will receive a personalized road-map for your journey.

Detailing the specifics of what will be delivered on behalf of you and your business, you will begin the journey knowing exactly what is required of you and Peter to achieve your desired outcomes.

Imagine the impact unleashing your inspired voice will have on the quality of your life and how you show up for your clients. But you and your clients are not the only ones who benefit.

When you scale your consciousness and scale your business, you serve as a wayshower for others to do the same, which raises the vibrations for humanity. As Ram Dass famously wrote, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Are You Ready?

If you're committed to unleashing your inspired voice and ready to awaken the power of your message contact Peter and his team today.

Unleash Your Inspired Voice is more than just a podcast. It’s a commUNITY of inspired voices, including your own.

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