Unleash Your Inspired Voice Presents:



An 8-Week Group Immersive For

Joyously Scaling Your Consciousness


Profitably Scaling Your Business

“The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program weaves together a spiritually grounded approach for joyously scaling your consciousness with a heart-centered and integrity driven process for activating the power of your inspired voice and aligning your message with the heart and soul of your audience. 

You’re a Heart-Centered, Conscious-Minded Entrepreneur, Lightworker, and Divine Feminine Conscious Leader.  

But Do You Find Yourself Feeling… 

…Uncomfortable Monetizing Your Inspired Message and Overwhelmed with the Idea of Playing Bigger Than You Ever Have?  

The world does not need another financially struggling heart-centered entrepreneur.


The world also does not need another Lightworker or Divine Feminine conscious leader who is passionate about raising the consciousness of the planet but struggling to fully unleash their inspired voice.   


What the world needs right now, more than anything, is to see your Light, hear your inspired Voice, and feel your Heart pulsating through the vibrancy of your creations. 

You have a divinely inspired message. You love what you do.  And you are a vessel for offering heart-centered solutions that transform people’s lives. But when you find yourself feeling uncomfortable monetizing your inspired message, fulfilling your destiny will be frustratingly elusive. 

When this happens, no matter how creatively gifted you are or how successful you’ve been, the reality of profitably scaling your business beyond where it currently is will likely conjure up deep-seated fears of being seen, heard, and felt.  If you can relate, you’re definitely not alone.  It happens to even the most successful, heart-centered leaders and conscious-minded entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean, however, it needs to keep happening.

Take a deep breath, and let out a much-needed sigh of relief. The days of believing you were forever stuck to suffer in isolation or succeed in obscurity have all but dissolved in the rearview mirror of your past. 

You’re in a new timeline now.


…you may have found yourself recently struggling to get unstuck and re-gain the clarity needed to confidently and boldly step further into your evolving destiny as a heart-centered leader and conscious-minded entrepreneur.

If you can relate… 

“The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program is uniquely designed for you.

“The Activation” Is For You If:

You’re passionate about your heart-centered business, and want to invest in its growth, but are on a small budget.

You’re on the cusp of launching a new business, writing a book, or developing a new program / course and want to know you’re on the right track.

You’re seeking an integrity driven way to monetize your brand message so you can create a sustainable and consistent flow of revenue.

You’re ready to put all that good stuff to use from previous courses and coaching programs you’d signed up for, but just didn't know where to start.

You’re tired of arguing with your inner critic and know there must be an easier way to transmute lingering fears of being seen, heard, and felt as a heart-centered leader.

You’re confident in delivering your solutions and love serving your clients but are uncomfortable promoting yourself.

You’re much better at talking about what you do than writing it out and want to learn how to translate your passion into engaging words that align with the heart and soul of your audience.

You’ve been selling your service for pennies and offering your expertise for free and know there has to be a better way to profitably scale your business while positively impacting the planet.

"Sold Over $100,000 In New Projects!"

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter on the branding of several successful training programs and websites. His experience for turning someone’s expertise into a bonafide revenue stream is unrivaled.

For example, Peter’s guidance on launching my book, ‘The Awakening’ and the content he helped create for several of my websites and marketing materials helped me sell over $100,000 in new projects.

There are many reasons I would recommend you hire Peter to help develop your content and align your brand message with your audience. But the one reason that stands out to me the most is that he possesses a rare gift for crafting a picture of you and your message that is bigger and better than you can sometimes see for yourself.”

~ Alicia Ashley ~

Founder of "Be Awesome Now" & Bestselling Author of "The Awakening"


Hi, I’m Peter Clark Nelson, the founder of Unleash Your Inspired Voice. As your collaborator and personal mentor for “The Activation”, I designed the 8-week program to deliver the best attributes of a supportive group environment with the personalized, hands-on guidance I deliver to my clients who invest in my 1:1 programs.  

For nearly two decades, I’ve been honored to serve as a content strategist, intuitive ghostwriter, collaborator, and mentor to hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs, small business owners, hall-of-fame professional athletes, Hollywood creatives, subject matter experts, spiritual healers, holistic practitioners, and best-selling authors.  Although I always approached my work from a heart-centered level, much of my early success was not enjoyable. 

Unbeknownst to clients, business partners, and to over 20,000 people I delivered public seminars and virtual programs to from around the world, I was battling emotionally crippling levels of anxiety, was clinically diagnosed as depressed in my early thirties and in 2008, survived a mini-stroke at the age of 37.  

I learned the hard way that when a business is successfully scaled but your consciousness isn’t equally scaled, being out of alignment with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies produce intense levels of suffering. You can read more about my personal journey here.

Fast forward to today. After what has been a grueling, but enormously rewarding journey, I’m not only in the best shape of my life at the young age of 48, but I’ve overcome depression, transmuted the trauma behind my anxiety, peacefully ended a life-long battle with my inner critic, unleashed my own inspired voice and no longer resist the reconciliation and harmonization of my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

While my current timeline is certainly not without challenges, my Higher Self is no longer a passenger in my life, but instead, is illuminating The Way to fulfilling my destiny. At this stage of my life, I’m reminded of what author and actress, Sophia Bush wrote, “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” That is certainly true for myself, as I’m sure it is for you too.   

This is why I created the “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group ProgramI now passionately and gratefully bring my wealth of experience to you, as I am honored and devoted to serve as your mentor and guide to transmute lingering echoes of unworthiness so you can joyously scale your consciousness while profitably scale your heart-centered business.  

“The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program is the culmination of my life’s work. Framed around a three-stage process that over the last two decades has been developed, refined, and designed for my clients to be successful in the real world, you can rest easy knowing “The Activation” isn’t your run of the mill program filled with ungrounded spiritual concepts or integrity-deprived, fantasy based business strategies that leave you deflated and frustrated.   

Books, Special Reports, Audio Programs & eBooks Developed and Written for Clients.
Million in revenue generated for small businesses, entrepreneurs & Fortune 1000 clients.
People trained at seminars, workshops, private events, and online programs across North America and Europe.
Years of experience building brands, growing sales, and empowering people to unleash their inspired voice.

Here’s What You Receive with “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program

16 ½ hours of “Live” Group Sessions with Peter


“The Activation” is designed to deliver the best attributes of a supportive group environment with the personalized, hands-on guidance delivered to clients who invest in my groundbreaking 1:1 programs.  

“The Activation” Delivers (9) “Live” Group Sessions. 

The safe, empowering,  and supportive group sessions are comprised of three distinct stages over a 6-week transformative journey. Each of the three stages consists of two (2-hour) immersive group sessions.

You will also be treated to three (90-minute) sessions with a special guest, who will join us for a deep dive into a specific topic that is aligned with the theme of each of the three stages of “The Activation” program. 

Weekly Action Items for Quantum Level Advancements 

Bridging each “Live” group session are weekly Action Items that will allow you to make quantum level advancements in freeing yourself from lingering self-doubt and creative blockages, so you can joyously scale your consciousness and amplify the power of your inspired voice and sacred message. 

Accountability Partner

Whether you enroll in “The Activation” with a friend, business collaborator, or join us by yourself, you will be paired up with an “Accountability Partner”. This is a crucial piece to successfully navigating all the inner and outer growth opportunities you will receive during “The Activation”.

If you are with a friend or business collaborator they automatically become your “Accountability Partner”. But if you join by yourself, we’ll look at pairing you up with someone in or near your specific time zone. This way you and your “Accountability Partner” are able to easily connect during hours when and where you may need one another’s support or creative input.

What You Will Learn During the Three Stages of

The Activation Group Immersive Sessions 




Two Weeks

Two (2-hour group sessions)

One (90-minute group session with special guest)

Your Personal Divine Alignment Map™ 


Framing our work during Stage 1 is the Personal Archaeology Process. Developed and successfully used to mentor clients for nearly two decades, this is a simple, yet profoundly effective process for enhancing your strength through vulnerability, expand your awareness and deliver laser precision clarity to scale your consciousness and enjoy the journey of scaling your business to new levels of prosperity and fulfillment.

The intent of the Personal Archaeology Process is to activate and further empower your innate strengths, talents, and creative gifts. This involves pinpointing where to further reconcile and harmonize your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in order to bring balance to all you do.

Stage 1 does not end after the first two weeks but evolves throughout the group sessions and your life. By the time Stage 1 unfurls into Stage 2, the path of your destiny will have become clearer and living your Soul’s purpose much more enjoyable.

Your Personal Divine Alignment Map™ 


At the start of Stage 1 of “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program, you will receive your own personal Divine Alignment Map™.  This heart-expansive guide and workbook will not only serve as your roadmap for the first two weeks of the group sessions, but it will be a life-long reference guide for joyously scaling your consciousness.

We won’t be able to fully address all the eye-opening topics and material included in your Divine Alignment Map™ during Stage 1.  Because of that, I’ve made sure to provide extensive context for the topics, exercises, and timely guidance that will reinforce and build on all that we cover in the group sessions, making your Divine Alignment Map™ one of the most valuable deliverables of the entire “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program


Here’s a brief look at what’s included in your Divine Alignment Map™ and some of the key topics we will be collaborating on together during the first two weeks of Stage 1: 

Transforming unworthiness from your inner tormentor to your inner mentor.

How to authentically infuse love, gratitude, and empathy into a profitable business.

The #1 thing that keeps most entrepreneurs confusing activity with accomplishment.

Breaking free of the seven myths we were raised, conditioned, and programmed through.

How to listen to and speak with the voice of your creations to navigate creative blockages.

Becoming friends with your inner critic by listening to and feeling into the intent of its message.

Seven words that have enslaved humanity in poverty consciousness and how to undo the spell.

What we weren't taught about success and how this is keeping humanity stuck in an old timeline.

Gaining clarity on the difference between a disempowered mindset and an empowered mindset.

Mapping out your life's through-line and being consciously aware of key themes at different stages.

Identifying the unwanted items in your emotional baggage and the secret to joyously unpacking them.

Recognizing when timelines are shifting and how to navigate new timelines when an old one is collapsing.

Why tribal shaming is the biggest threat to Unity Consciousness and how to undo its traumatizing effects.

Decoding the spell of the patriarchal mindset that makes you believe you're playing big when you're playing small.

Why we stubbornly stay on a path of unfulfillment and the life-saving lessons a mouse can teach us about exiting it.



Two Weeks

Two (2-hour group sessions)

One (90-minute group session with special guest)

Your Personal Brand Alignment Map™


Building on the breakthroughs from the first two weeks, in Stage 2 we will identify and align you and your creation’s distinct energetic signature with the energetic signature of your inspired message. Part of this process involves highlighting key areas of your personal journey that are emotionally relevant and relatable to your audience. From there, we begin to seamlessly weave your unique experiences into the defining themes and through-line of your business and its sacred message.

What we are engaged in during this stage is more than writing eloquent prose and eye-catching headlines and taglines. It’s about diving deep into the essence of who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. This includes identifying and prioritizing the through-line of your message and getting clear on how each theme uniquely addresses the distinct personality traits and challenges of your general audience, primary audience, and your #1 ideal client. 

With newfound clarity for how your audience resonates with you, your creations and your inspired message, we will then map out your personalized and heart-centered marketing funnel. This process is framed around prioritizing realistic growth strategies that are in synch with the vision you have for your business and destiny. We will also begin crafting achievable and integrity-driven visibility campaigns that are aligned with the heart and soul of your audience. There’s a lot to achieve here, which is why the entire process of Stage 2 will be broken down into bite-size compartments and weekly Action Items so it’s not overwhelming.




Two Weeks

Two (2-hour group sessions)

One (90-minute group session with special guest)

Your Personal Brand Alignment Map™


Stage 3 is where everything we’ve collaborated on comes into full alignment. You will learn where and how to implement a solid, but fluid framework for joyously weaving your energetic signature into the words, visual imagery, and sounds of the inspired message that communicates the value of your creations.

Therefore, this final stage involves the use of your personalized Brand Alignment Map™, which you will have already received by Stage 2.  Using this as our roadmap, we will be working on:  Headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition, your soundbite, messaging and integrity-driven visibility campaigns for the area of your business that you chose to focus on during “The Activation”.

The overarching intent of Stage3 is to fully illuminate the key pieces that connect the beautiful mosaic of your Soul’s purpose with your business, creations and the audience you’re here to serve. With this level of awareness, you will be in the ideal position to open a new gateway and timeline for you to monetize your brand message and feel comfortable pre-educating and pre-selling your audience on the value of your heart-centered creations. All of this translates into you operating at a higher level of confidence and an elevated sense of inner-and-outer awareness to be at your very best when it matters most.

Your Personal Brand Alignment Map™


Before the start of Stage 2 of “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program, you will receive your personalized Brand Alignment Map™.  With well over 100+ pages, and serving as your primary roadmap for Stage 2 and Stage 3, your Brand Alignment Map™ is one of the most valuable deliverables of the entire program. 

Everything you will discover inside your Brand Alignment Map™ has served as a cornerstone of the work I’ve developed and implemented with clients for nearly 20 years.  

Since we will not be able to address everything in the Brand Alignment Map™ during Stage 2 and Stage 3, I’ve filled it with highly refined, heart-centered, and integrity-driven brand messaging processes, formulas, and techniques for profitably scaling your business that will serve you and your creative endeavors for many years. 


Here’s a brief look at what’s included in your Brand Alignment Map™ and some of the key topics we will be collaborating on together during Stages 2 & 3:

Identifying the traits and energetic signature of your #1 ideal client.

Mapping the energetic signatures of your general and primary audience.

Outlines for crafting your own integrity driven marketing campaigns.

Guidance on amplifying your latent strengths as a heart-centered leader.

The role of vulnerability in profitably scaling a heart-centered business.

Techniques for trusting and strengthening the power of your inspired voice.

Self-guided processes and outlines for developing your company's brand message.

Connecting with the heart and soul of an audience through your energetic signature.

Formulas for crafting your 'pitch', headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The 5 questions all clients are asking before they work with you and how to address them.

How to create emotionally relevant and compelling content through your client's questions.

Why self-love and gratitude is the most valuable currency in a Unity Consciousness economy.

How to structure a marketing funnel for your creations and why this is crucial for your business.

Insights and techniques for strengthening community alliances and building strategic partners.

How to grow a heart-centered business by expressing your inner Light through acknowledgment.

All Group Sessions Are Recorded & Available Within 24 Hours 

All nine group sessions of “The Activation” will be recorded via Zoom and provided to you as an MP3 audio and in MP4 video format. This way, if you are unable to make it onto a “Live” session you won’t miss a thing as you will be sent recordings within 24-hours or less of the actual session.  

These recordings are a valuable resource for you and each participant in “The Activation” as you can re-watch at any time to gain additional activations, insights, and breakthroughs.  To ensure total privacy and allow for a safe and supportive container for individual and group growth, ALL segments of the recordings are prohibited from being shared publicly without full written consent and approval from myself and each group participant.

Two-weeks of 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Peter

Upon your enrollment in “The Activation”, you will be scheduled for two 90-minute 1:1 conscious mentorship and brand alignment sessions with me.  Your 1:1 sessions are in addition to the six-week group immersive sessions. 

For the (beta launch) of “The Activation” your first 1:1 conscious mentorship and brand alignment session will be scheduled the week of March 25th, prior to the group immersive sessions getting underway. Your second 1:1 conscious mentorship and brand alignment session will be scheduled two weeks after the completion of the final group session.


Both of your 1:1 conscious mentorship and brand alignment sessions are recorded and will be provided to you as an MP3 audio and in MP4 video format (if Zoom is used for the 1:1 sessions). This way you can replay to gain more insight and activate further breakthroughs. 


“Setting Intentions”

  • Your first 1:1 session with Peter (90-minutes)
  • This takes place one week before the group sessions get underway.

During the initial 1:1 session titled, “Setting Intentions”, you will be asked to choose an area of your business you want to focus on during “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program.

For example, your area of interest could be your website, a book, improving your public speaking, building stronger community alliances and partnerships, or you’ve got a new course, retreat or coaching program you want to launch.  Whatever area of your business you choose, we will place a primary focus on it throughout “The Activation”, especially during the second and third stages.

We will also explore what known and unknown creative and energetic blockages have been getting in the way of fulfilling your destiny on a more joyous and prosperous level.  Whatever these blockages are, they will serve as a guiding light during the first stage of “The Activation” group sessions. 

“The Launch”

  • Your second 1:1 session with Peter (90-minutes)
  • This takes place two weeks after the final group session.

Following the conclusion of “The Activation” immersive group sessions, with enhanced clarity and confidence in fulfilling your destiny, and a deeper level of trust in your business, you will be in a greater position to unleash more of your inspiring voice and fulfill your Soul’s purpose than ever before.

It is possible, however, for some lingering echoes to settle back in as your inner critic may emerge to potentially talk you out of implementing some (or all) of the more important creative ideas you activated through “The Activation”.  

For these reasons, during this pivotal 1:1 session, we will review key points of interest you learned through “The Activation”, with a specific focus on your original intentions for your experience. From there, we will anchor your activations and set in motion realistic expectations and proactive initiatives to further your growth and bring your new, creative ideas to fruition. 





You Will Also Receive ACCESS to a Private “Activation” CommUNITY for Additional Support, Mentorship, & Strategy 


To fully capitalize on ALL of the breakthroughs and growth from your participation in “The Activation” you can’t do it alone. You’ll need a community. And not just any community will do. For this reason, everyone who enrolls in “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program will be part of a private Facebook (FB) commUNITY made up of light-minded and soul-connected leaders like yourself.  

As author David Augsburger once wrote, “Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they’re almost indistinguishable.”

What that means for you and others who enroll in “The Activation” is that unleashing your inspired voice is not just about you being seen, heard, and felt. It’s also about being sure that you shine your Light on others, letting your sisters and brothers know they’re seen, heard, and felt too. This gratefully and lovingly opens the doors of collaboration as we individually open the gateway of our heart and Soul for something greater than any personal achievement.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a village of conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders to raise the consciousness of our planet.

CommUNITY members of “The Activation” private FB group will receive: 

  • One “Live” commUNITY mastermind call each month with Peter
  • Exclusive audio and video posts from Peter covering topics related to material in “The Activation”    
  • CommUNITY member spotlight each month (ranges from a 30-minute interview with Peter to hosting your own 60-minute MasterClass)
  • One “Live” interview each month with a renowned subject matter expert addressing timely and important topics for commUNITY members

"Provided Me a Detailed Roadmap for Monetizing My New Business, 'Season of Greatness'."

“When I reached out to Peter, I was at a turning point in both my personal and professional life. I had an idea for a book, called ‘Season of Greatness’ but I was searching to figure out what was next on my journey and found myself creatively stuck.

Over the course of six months, he helped guide and coach me through the creation of a book outline, developed my brand messaging and provided me a detailed roadmap for monetizing what has now become my new business, ‘Season of Greatness.’

Peter's unique skills are exemplary in helping people to achieve their goals and to become their best selves.”

~ Wendy Gladney ~

Founder of "Season of Greatness" & Author of "Forgiveness" & "The Preacher's Daughter"

If you’re resonating with the intent and energy woven into “The Activation” it’s because you’re no longer willing to be content just playing the game of life.  You’re a Game Changer!  

The fact you’re reading these words is evidence you’re already on the path of fulfilling your sacred destiny.  You’re already aware of your gifts, talents, and skills. You’ve done the inner, shadow work that’s required to scale your consciousness.  It’s this level of consciousness and self-love that’s helped you unleash your inspired voice to the extent you already have.

With all you’ve achieved, why would you enroll in the “The Activation” 8-Week Immersive Group Program?  There may be many reasons.  Perhaps one of the most important is that there’s another level you’re on the verge of scaling your consciousness and your business to. You’ve felt it for a while and each timeline you’ve been collapsing recently has led you here, to this very moment.  

For these reasons and a whole lot more, “The Activation” is the answer to a calling you made long before you and I ever crossed paths. I’m simply here to honor that calling and you’re here to accept it. This is your invitation to change the world by being the game changer you were born to be.

If you haven’t already filled out the application to be considered for one of the eight-slots available for this exciting (beta launch) of “The Activation” please be sure to do so today. If not you, who? If not now, when?  

Thank you very much for your interest in joining me and an inspiring group of heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders for this next-level journey to raise the vibrations of the planet and usher in the age of Unity Consciousness. 

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


For the (beta-launch) of “The Activation”the investment for your enrollment is only $1,550.  

If you enroll with a friend or business partner and you’re selected as one of the eight, you’ll only pay $1,350 each. 

To put the value of the “The Activation” into perspective, my “Breakthrough” program delivers four 1:1 (60-minute) conscious-mentoring and brand alignment sessions and a personalized Brand Alignment Map™ for $950. My “Unstoppable” program delivers 15 hours of 1:1 conscious-mentoring and brand alignment sessions over four months and includes extensive copywriting and brand messaging development along with a personalized Brand Alignment Map™ for $7,550. 

Enrollment for the (beta-launch) of “The Activation” concludes on Friday 3/22 @ 10:00 pm PST

The standard rate for “The Activation” after the (beta-launch) is $2,550.  

``A Game Changer for Your Business & Life``

“I’ve worked with Pete on a variety of successful projects over the years. The first was a goal-setting program he developed for a sales team I was managing. When I took over this team, the reps were at the bottom of the rankings and morale was very low.

Pete customized the goal setting program and coached the team for six weeks. The results were astounding. Sales shot up by 50% and in one year the team leaped from the bottom to the top of the rankings.

More recently, I hired Pete to help me develop a framework for launching my first book, “What’s Your Sales Story?”. His relentless pursuit of excellence helped make it a huge success. The marketing campaigns he set up for the book were instrumental in me landing keynote speaking engagements and securing a six-figure consulting project. Pete is a game changer for your business and life.”


~ Ja Marr Brown ~

Author, Keynote Speaker, & Founder of Selling In Color 


``Omg, have things GREATLY shifted since we spoke...AMAZING!``

I followed every piece of your advice…including doing the inner work on dissolving my fear of being judged as ‘selling out’ by other healers if I raised my prices. Based on our guidance, I changed my business FB Page and Instagram account to “Manifesting Alchemy”…and within a day…I got another 1,000 followers!!!

From there, I created an online workshop that people are booking and received a phone call from an online radio station asking to interview me. And finally, I just got hired as a consultant/expert for Psychic Source. Psychic Source is the number one Psychic Online Resource and there are only 300 spots to be able to work for this company. And I am now, one of them!!

Omg, have things GREATLY shifted since we spoke…AMAZING!!  So many synchronicities, so much wonderfulness. I just needed a gentle nudge from you, my brilliant soul brother, to see all these opportunities that were literally staring me right in the face. I had to begin thinking like a businesswoman & not ‘just’ a healer. THANK YOU for the gift of these breakthroughs!! And thank you for using your inspired voice to share, inspire & guide our future generations into freedom.”


~ Jennifer Ching Lopez ~
Owner and Founder at Manifesting Alchemy
LOA Specialist, Shaman, Intuitive, Angelic Psychic, Manifesting Coach, & Spiritual Teacher

``A Maestro at Conveying a Message With Headlines & Imagery``

“Peter teaches you how to achieve more when the pressure is on, which is vitally important for success in life and business.

He is also a maestro in conveying a message with headlines and imagery. Bob Allen and I needed a visually appealing PowerPoint for our ‘Cash In a Flash’ seminars and Peter came through with flying colors!”


~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & Cash In a Flash

“Peter is the best content strategist and marketing consultant I’ve ever hired``

“Peter is the best content strategist and marketing consultant I’ve ever hired. He is also one of the most brilliant content creators and sharpest, creative minds I’ve been around. Working with Peter clarified my brand messaging and produced one breakthrough after another. He provided a much-needed structure for crafting my website content and was a huge help in launching my search engine marketing course. The collaborative process was effortless, enjoyable and profitable.”









~ Catherine Seda ~

Internet Marketing Strategist & Best-Selling Author 

``#1 Amazon Best Seller``

“Peter brought my message to life by helping me turn a tagline into a #1 Amazon bestselling book. He has been an indispensable creative collaborator, helping me get the message of my book, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming” in front of over 350,000 people through social media campaigns, articles, and interviews on television, radio, and podcasts. As gifted as he may be in writing and managing marketing campaigns, he’s a genuinely caring person who goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dreams. Because of that, Peter is more than a creative collaborator to me, as he has become a dear and close friend.”


~ Joanie Marx ~

Best-Selling Author, Hollywood Actress & Baby Boomer Advocate