We All Know Better. It’s Time We Start Doing Better.

April 2, 2018
Tolerance, anger, and rights. What do these three polarizing subjects have to do with Tribal Shaming, Unity Consciousness, and supporting our sisters and brothers? A lot more than I’m able to fully articulate in this brief video. That said, in today’s video I am...
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Your Most Rewarding Project Is You

March 5, 2018
Admit it. Your inspired voice doesn't sound like anyone else. You don’t look like anyone else. You are uniquely you.  That uniqueness is the power that unleashes your inspired voice. It’s the spark that ignites the FIRE in you. Please... Don’t ever apologize again...
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Being Heard

March 4, 2018
When we unleash our inspired voice, it's not just so people can hear and feel our message. It's also allowing other people to be heard because through our voice people are given permission to rise up and unleash their own voice. They realize they're...
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Are You Ready?

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