Being Heard

Being Heard

When we unleash our inspired voice, as conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, it’s not just so people can see, hear and feel our brand message. We are demonstrating the power and strength that comes from vulnerability. We are in fact, the key to a new life, for we are further opening the door for others to give themselves permission to rise up and unleash their own inspired voice.

Most of us were not raised to feel comfortable with change, let alone, being a conscious-minded, heart-centered leader whose purpose is to radically shift the paradigm from the patriarchal mindset to a world of Unity Consciousness. For example, a common edict when growing up for many young girls and boys were to not speak unless you’re spoken to and to be seen but not heard. Another common theme is that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. All of this creates a foundation for self-doubt and feeds unworthiness, well into adulthood.

Fast forward to being an adult, and in order to fulfill your Soul’s purpose, profitably scale your business, and utilize your Divine gifts to transform the lives of others, your brand message will need to be seen, heard, and felt by those it’s designed for. All of us know this intellectually and yet, so many fight an inner war that is rarely seen by others as the echoes of unworthiness can derail your best efforts as an entrepreneur.

By reshifting the paradigm for how subject-matter experts and entrepreneurs utilize their platform to raise the vibrations of the planet, while also profitably scaling their business, we a timely reminder that others on this path are not alone in their struggles or their triumphs.

In essence, when each of us enthusiastically and openly share our gifts we are supporting others in sharing theirs as well. This realization is soooo incredibly powerful because it opens the doors of our perception to new possibilities of being seen and heard on levels we once believed were impossible.

From my inspired voice to yours.


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