This Is Your Life To Create As Your Heart Desires

This Is Your Life to Create as Your Heart Desires

There will come those moments where the outside reality appears not to be synching up with your inner wishes and heart’s desires. In those moments, when you believe there isn’t anything else you can do to positively alter your reality…take three deep breaths…and dial into your heart.

Ask your heart to remind you of who you really are. Ask your heart to remind you of those times when you made a declaration, invoked, and spoke your Divine Will into existence when nobody believed you could…except you.

Ask your heart to remind you of those moments when all seemed to be against you, and when it mattered most, you summoned your unstoppable will, and like the caterpillar who thought the world was over, transformed into a butterfly.

As you allow your mind to empty and your inner critic to relax you will be flooded with memories of how unstoppable you truly are. You will remember that as a child of the Divine Mother of all creation, you too are endowed with the very same infinite qualities to create new realities as Her.

Equally so, you are qualified to fill your new reality with abundant life. No more struggles, no more ‘what ifs?’ and no more believing you are not worthy of living the destiny that is encoded in your heart.

If this all sounds good but you are convinced your current reality is too overwhelming to transcend into the new, abundant reality you have been praying for and working hard to manifest, consider the following:

You are always creating new realities, every nano-second of every day. But you’ve been creating them out of something that you now know must be released so you can embrace what is no longer worth resisting.

Yes, it’s true, you have been misled as to the extent of your Divine Will and the creative power of your heart. But the truth of this also reveals the real Truth about you.

Behind the facade of scarcity and beneath the lies about who you thought you were is an unstoppable heart-centered leader and conscious-minded entrepreneur. You have an inspired message to share with the world and now is the time to do it.

It’s time to say a loving goodbye to the patriarchal programs, scarcity driven conditioning, and beliefs of unworthiness that are no longer needed for the new reality you woke up to this morning.

This is your life to create as your heart desires. Remember?
If not now, when? If not you, who?

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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