Cultivate The Time To Go Inward

Cultivate the Time to Go Inward

As conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs we don’t have the luxury of closing our minds or hearts off to the ripple effect of our choices. That’s what our predecessors in the patriarchal mindset did.

This means that when it comes to profitably scaling our businesses, where many old-school entrepreneurs of the past (and even many in the present) choose to ignore the impact their choices have on people and on the planet, we don’t.

We may not always have the answers in life or business or know what to do next. And some days, our creative flow is blocked by unexpected waves of anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm.

But as heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, one thing we do that is in stark contrast to how most entrepreneurs in the past were conditioned, is that we listen not with our mind, but with our heart.

We follow not the false-profit-of-the-patriarchal mindset but instead follow the infallible prophet of our Soul, who is the Voice of the Divine Mother. She leads the way. Therefore, it is up to us to gratefully and gracefully accept the invitation to co-create Heaven on Earth through our gifts, skills, and talents, which are often expressed through our business.

This can and will be done by heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders. For we are the ones who are equipped to bridge the past with the future. Not by recycling generational fears and reinforcing dysfunctional patriarchal programming. But by creating a new reality of Unity Consciousness in the present moment through our heart.

To do this requires that we cultivate the time to go inward for answers, rather than seek them outside of us. This isn’t just about meditating or even praying. It’s about the journey into the dark spaces of our unconsciousness, as well as into the Light of our Heart. Here we can identify, heal, and transmute the fears, traumas, and pain of unworthiness that smooths the outer path of the heart-centered, Divine Feminine conscious leader; who, after all, is you.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson

~ 444 ~ 

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