Episode 10: Debra Crosby – Present To Prosper

Episode 10: Debra Crosby – Present to Prosper


On this week’s episode of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast, host Peter Clark Nelson, is joined by the originator of the TED Talk Blueprint for Successful Speeches Training Program, Debra Crosby​.

During this inspiring episode, Debra discusses how to tell brilliant stories that ignite the imagination and warm the soul of your audience. Whether you do videos on Facebook, deliver public presentations, facilitate group programs and retreats, or have a dream of being on the TED Talk stage this is a can’t miss episode.


In this exciting and highly engaging episode, you will learn how to improve your skills as a presenter, and what it takes to be a master storyteller, as Debra will bring into focus different tools from several traditions including, acting, storytelling, improv, the creative arts, healing arts, art therapy, and African wisdom.

Debra will also share aspects of the mystical transformative energies of Africa into her discussion with Peter, as she personally studied storytelling at the feet of the elders, wise ones and Shamans while she lived with the Loue Tribe in Kenya, East Africa and the Wolof Tribe in Senegal, West Africa.

Some of the other topics Debra and Peter discuss in this episode include:

• Master your physical movement while presenting

• A simple but powerful technique for reading the energy of the room

• Knowing how to access the tools in the tool bag of a master storyteller

• What is required to be an engaging speaker on the TED Talk stage

• What it means to ride the dragon with unshakeable calm and confidence

• Identifying energy leaks that get in the way of being a powerful messenger

• Own your power as a speaker by learning to manage and master the adrenalin rush


Debra Crosby is an author, principal of the PRESENT to PROSPER Studio, and originator of the TED Talk Blueprint for Successful Speeches Training Program. Coming from a lineage of storytellers in her family, she has dedicated her life to the soul of the oral tradition.

Debra is passionate about working with speakers who deliver messages, solutions, and ideas that have the potential to unite us as one global tribe. Through her sacred work, she turns entrepreneurs into sought-after speakers who own the stage by teaching them how to communicate in a warm, confident, compelling, clear and concise manner.

Debra brings over 10,000 hours of expertise to her inspiring work with clients and more than 30 years of skill as a professional presenter, trainer, and producer. This work also includes serving as a television host to a home audience of 2.5 million. She was also nominated for the Best Acting & Media Coach in the US by the National Digital Film Academy.

Her clients have graced the SXSW stage, TEDx Stage, the Hard Rock Café, House of Blues, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Hollywood films, many Independent films, television, and Broadway shows as well, just to name a few.

Some of Debra Crosby’s clients include: The Anti-Defamation League, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Polka Dog Bakery, S.C.O.R.E, Think Human, the Wang Center for the Performing Arts and she is one of the Guest Mentors for Peter Clark Nelson’s 10-week group program, “The Activation”.

To learn more about Debra and inquire about her work you can visit: www.facebook.com/debraleecrosby


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