Episode 9: Jeff Cloud – The Only Game In Town

Episode 9: Jeff Cloud – The Only Game In Town

On the latest episode of “Unleash Your Inspired Voice”, author of the book, “Waking UP In The Dream”, Jeff Cloud and host, Peter Clark Nelson, will take you on a mind-expansive and Soul-activating journey to create more abundance in your life, make more money, attract loving relationships, and align with your energetic field by learning how to consciously navigate the only game in town; which is the ‘game of consciousness’.

Lovingly empowering thousands of women and men around the world through his inspired writings, book, and monthly online transformational courses, Jeff is a highly respected conscious mentor who is known for quickly getting to the root of an issue, which produces immediate, life-altering transformations. You’ll see why in this episode as Jeff passionately takes you through a proven and safe process for guiding yourself back into wholeness.


Jeff shares many life-changing topics, tools, and techniques from his book, “Waking UP In The Dream” and popular, monthly online transformational courses, including the immense power behind five simple words you can use to positively transform every experience in life and in business.

From detailing his inspiring journey of overcoming the loss of his father at the age of seven to spending nearly 20 years studying with the author of “The Four Agreements” Don Miguel Ruiz and Dona Barbara Emrys, in this episode, Jeff also shares timely insights on healing deep-seated wounds and brings clarity to ancient wisdom that can be applied right away to scale your consciousness and fulfill your Soul’s purpose.

During the final 15 minutes of the episode, Jeff unveils a series of simple, yet, utterly profound life-changing tips for creating pattern interrupts to end harsh inner judgment and self-sabotage, which lovingly brings you to a place of living from the heart and being at true oneness with all that is.

To get things started on this new episode, you’re going to hear a clip from a recent video Jeff published on Facebook, where he talks about being ‘the watcher’ of your thoughts and behaviors and how this can radically change your life for the better.



Jeff Cloud is the author of “Waking UP In The Dream”, a self-mastery mentor, and a renowned practitioner of Toltec and Shamanic traditions. He is also the creator behind the popular “Waking UP In The Dream Transformational Breakthrough” course for women and men that dives deep into healing limiting beliefs, clearing childhood wounds, and breaking through barriers to live your best life.

Having healed many deeply rooted traumas in his own life, including the passing of his father when he was only seven years old, Jeff’s 1:1 coaching and group programs are known for their proven process for immediately getting to the root of an issue, safely guiding people back into wholeness, and opening up space in their lives to attract more love, abundance, and joy.

During 2017 and 2018, Jeff served as a lead coach for The Powerful Man group, one of the world’s foremost coaching programs for conscious-minded, heart-centered male entrepreneurs. In this role, Jeff transformed the lives of hundreds of successful male business leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them fulfill their Soul’s potential by skillfully guiding them through his process for becoming the watcher of your thoughts.

Jeff is also an accomplished guitarist, recording engineer, and artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. His passion is uplifting and inspiring others to shine their Light and fully embody their Soul’s purpose.

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