Episode 3: Janine Hassell – Healing Trauma With Multi-Dimensional Wellness

Episode 3: Janine Hassell – Healing Trauma with Multi-Dimensional Wellness

On this new episode of “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” Janine Hassell, the founder of Urban Alchemy, guides you through a process for healing past wounds and how to uncover the source of what has been keeping you stuck or feeling less than at your best.

If you are a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur ready to uncover what may be holding you back from unleashing your inspired voice, you do not want to miss Janine’s life-altering insights on “Healing Trauma With Multi-Dimensional Wellness”.

In this transformative episode, you will learn how to spot unconscious programming that may be keeping you from following your heart’s desires and sharing your inspired message with the world. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Intuitive and Shadow Work Coach specializing in “Multi-Dimensional Wellness”, Janine details the connection between your emotions, your physical health and the recurring themes in your life.

Also, during the interview, host Peter Clark Nelson shares his own personal experience working with Janine and how her process of healing through the Ayurvedic system delivered clarity on unconscious connections between a reoccurring physical ailment and what was holding him back from fully living his life’s purpose.

If you are looking to transform your health and well-being in a way that is reflected in all areas of your life, you’re in for a real treat with Janine’s eye-opening interview.


As the founder of Urban Alchemy, Janine utilizes her multi-dimensional knowledge of Ayurveda, nutrition, and proven methods of energy work to get to the root of where an imbalance or blockage is located with her clients. She then teaches her clients to work from the outside in to correct it at its source.

Her 360 approach addresses each aspect of her client’s health, including the physical, energetic, emotional and even karmic layers. This allows Janine to bring into balance any physical dietary related issues her clients are facing.

To help her clients begin to heal on their own, she taps in intuitively through energy work to connect them on deeper levels to themselves. In doing so, she serves as a trusted guide and conduit to help them consciously identify and address what subconscious or energetic blocks are present.

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