Episode 8: Sita Rose – The Voice Of The Creatrix

Episode 8: Sita Rose – The Voice of the Creatrix


In this new, heart-expansive and voice-activating interview, Sita Rose and host, Peter Clark Nelson, dive deep into exploring what is blocking your Throat Chakra and why it’s so important for women and men to unleash their inspired voice.


Sita reveals how to identify where inner child wounding and developmental trauma is blocking you from speaking your truth and how to use the power of your voice as an instrument for self-love, mediation, and healing.

She also reveals insights and guidance on understanding how your voice is the pathway to being in vibrational harmony with your body. By overcoming judgment and knowing your worthy of being seen, heard, and felt, Sita delivers clear and empowering guidance for cultivating the courage to unleash your inner Creatrix.

During the last 20-minutes of the interview, Sita will take us behind the scenes of the groundbreaking “Voice of the Creatrix” program and the “Singing Sirens Women’s Retreat” and talks about how important it is for women to be held in community and allowing one’s self to be held by Mother Gaia.

This must-see episode of “Unleash Your Inspired Voice”, with Sita Rose, will also reveal:

• How any woman who desires to turn up the volume on her creative expression can do so by cutting through limiting beliefs

• How to release unconscious forms of self-sabotage by opening yourself up to trust your inner, divine Creatrix

• The two things that will show up in every creative endeavor and how to be prepared to confidently face and overcome them

• How to create a safe and replicable practice to lean into when you’re stepping into the unknown as a Creatrix

• The art of practicing consistency to help you push through the discomfort of showing up to your life’s purpose

• Activating your life force energy by clearing the pathway to the center of your truth

• Saying “Yes” to expanding your heart-centered business by putting your money where your mouth is

To get things started on this new episode, you’re going to learn more about Sita’s inspiring journey, and you will hear some brief clips from her debut album, “In Essence”.


Sita Rose is a spirit seeker, space holder, and music maker. Based in San Diego, CA, she is an expressive performer skilled at crafting melodic medicine derived from the heart.

Drawing from her experience as a board certified music therapist, devotional singer, tantra and yoga practitioner her sacred work is designed to elevate consciousness and promote peace.

As co-founder of Seed & Song LLC, and the founder of the groundbreaking, “Singing Sirens Women’s Retreat”, Sita is passionate about fostering communities that empower women to live freely. She is also the Creatrix behind the “Voice of the Creatrix”, a 3-month online women’s vocal coaching program Sita created for awakening the Divine Creatrix inside.

In 2018, she released her debut album, “In Essence”.

To learn more about Sita Rose visit:



Hosted by author, content strategist, and Unity Consciousness Activist, Peter Clark Nelson, the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast is dedicated to helping conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs joyously scale their consciousness while learning how to scale their heart-centered business.

Peter and his diverse range of inspiring guests will take you beyond the doors of perception as they share personal stories and practical insights on how to unleash your inspired voice and awaken the power of Unity Consciousness in our world.

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