It Takes A Village

It Takes a Village

Something profound shifted over the past 48-hours. I can feel it. You can feel it as well. We all do. It’s part of the beautiful and powerful magick of Light that is weaving a tapestry of Divine synchronicities across the global and galactic grid at this very moment.

These synchronicities are ushering in new opportunities for inner growth and are setting the stage for profitably growing our businesses and manifesting our dreams into reality on a whole new and awesome level. Why, then, are we so afraid of the new opportunities that we’re being gifted with?

Why is it that we spend more time grieving what we had to let go of than gratefully welcoming in what we have made room for in our lives? And what is it that keeps us from fully embracing the essence and presence of our Soul’s purpose, when we work so damn hard to be blessed with the opportunities to fulfill it?

The answer to these questions may be different for each of us, but there are some glaring and very common themes we can all relate to, and help one another break free from.


At the top of the list is the addiction to unworthiness, which is the primary through-line and theme of our past. While we’ve been learning how to Love ourselves and working hard to create opportunities for more abundance, we’ve been unknowingly sabotaging our best efforts with stories of a very traumatic past.

It’s time, then, for the seeds we’ve been sowing for the growth of our Soul’s purpose to manifest into a beautiful and abundant new physical reality. You and I know this. But we also know we can’t do this alone.

We’ve been traipsing through the darkness of unworthiness for so long that it requires more than just new technologies, yoga poses, positive affirmations, and marketing funnels to step into our full power and unleash our inspired voice. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a village of conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs to raise the consciousness of our planet.


We may practice Self-Love, and we may help others to do the same through our businesses, but the stories of our past taught us to fear our creative power. But that’s not all it conditioned us to fear.

We also feared the creative power of others, and as a result, perceived threats where there were none, fostering jealousy and unhealthy competition in the spiritual community. This has gone on for so long that we convinced ourselves other people or so-called entities had power over us. We forgot how Divinely powerful we really are.

With that in mind, raising the consciousness of the planet through your business does not start outside of you. It begins from within. If you’re wondering how this translates in the outside world, look no further than how you can leverage your skills, gifts, and talents to create a better life for you and your family. Now, look beyond just you and your family and see where this can be done for others.


If this is all too much and you’re stuck in the old story of struggle, betrayal, imposter syndrome, and drowning in the quicksand of anxiety, you’re not alone. On some level, we’re all dealing with this. That’s what these new, elevated energies are here to help us transmute. And this is where the real calling of your sacred work comes in.

Each of us is here to support one another through the process of joyously scaling our consciousness while profitably scaling our businesses. In other words, we’re here to serve humanity as a beacon of Light by fulfilling our Soul’s purpose. This doesn’t happen when we perceive one another as a threat and we stick to our story that struggling to survive financially is spiritual integrity. It isn’t.

Our success and our collective presence as a unified community is a Divine demonstration for other conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs to see a way out of the old story of unworthiness and self-doubt. You and I, along with many others, can show this generation and all future generations that entrepreneurial success is not about blood, sweat, and tears. It’s about Love, gratitude, and collaboration.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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