How Well Do You Know Your Past?

How Well Do You Know Your Past?

In this brief Unleash Your Inspired Voice audio post, I talk about why today’s higher-vibrational state of awareness cannot be sustained if we keep repeating the mistakes of the past. But what does this have to do with profitably scaling your business? The short answer; everything.

As heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders, knowing how the past shaped who we used to believe we needed to be in order to survive, and what elements of the past are still unconsciously influencing us today, is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

It’s a necessity because until we consciously untangle ourselves from the spells the patriarchal mindset wove into the stories of humanity, the better future we’re co-creating is not going to be any different than the painful past we woke up from.

As the great reggae artist, Ziggy Marley sang in his song, “Tomorrow People”, “you don’t know your past you don’t know your future”.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson

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