Remind People Of What They Have Chosen To Forget

Remind People of What They Have Chosen to Forget

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the primary intention should be when you are a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur, Lightworker, and Divine Feminine conscious leader.

• Is it to keep joyously scaling your consciousness?

• Is it to passionately and ethically serve your clients?

• Is it to be profitable while maintaining a heart-centered approach to scaling your business?

• Is it to serve the calling of your heart and thus, fulfill your destiny (whatever that may be for you)?

• Is it showing up as the best version of yourself in each moment, in spite of all the obstacles and challenges that you face, both internally and externally?

I’m sure we can all relate to each of these, for they are all important elements in being a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur, Lightworker, and Divine Feminine conscious leader.

Maybe, just maybe, the answer is in a quote from the great writer and playwright, Arthur Miller, who once wrote, “The job of the artist is to remind people of what they have chosen to forget.”

To go deep within the meaning of this quote, we must first be willing to see ourselves as ‘the artist’. This requires us to re-connect with the innocence of our imagination. You know, it’s the imagination we once had as children but was stripped out of us by the ‘authority figures’ we were told to trust in the patriarchal mindset.


Regardless of what our gifts, talents, and solutions may be as adults, inside of each of us is the innocence of our spiritual artistry. It is this innocence, expressed through our infinite imagination, that is eager to once again alchemize sound, imagery, and words through the creative power of our Higher Self.

This creative power is shared openly without fear of patriarchal retribution as it is simultaneously reconciled and harmonized via our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. The unified power is amplified and illuminated through our trust in co-creating with the Divine Mother. Together, we create new worlds, new ways of being, and a new way of seeing who we all truly are.

Therefore, if we are to break free from the dark spells of the patriarchal mindset there must be a contrast between what we’ve been conditioned to believe and who we know we truly are. Herein lies the true nature of our sacred work, which underscores the part in Miller’s quote, where he said, “…remind people of what they have chosen to forget.”


We were lied to and placed under a dark spell to believe life is full of suffering. Punished for ‘daydreaming’ and told our imagination is a waste of time, our only refuge, we were told, was to give away our Divine sovereignty and creative power to institutions and authority figures who claimed to have our best interest in mind.

Suffering, we were told, is normal as humans but will end when we die.

All of that is a huge fucking lie, propagated by ‘beings’ who know how to manipulate human’s perceptions of themselves, and thus, distort their rightful place in the cosmos. This is what we chose to forget, even if we didn’t know the full extent by which we were hypnotized and then baptized into the waters of unworthiness as children.


With that in mind, on those days when you don’t feel like your best self and you’re questioning whether you have anything left to give to yourself, let alone give to others, please remember; where you are right now is quantum levels ahead of where you used to think you were – even on your best days.

You’ve done the work. There may still be more inner work to do, but if you’re reading these words and resonating with the energy and intent woven into them, it means you’re ready.

Therefore, be the reminder to yourself, first and foremost, of what you once chose to forget. And then, go forth, unleash your inspired voice and shine the innocence of your Light as a demonstration to the world of what we all chose to forget. We are Divine Creators of Life. For without us seeing who we are, life as we know it, ceases to be what it’s designed for. It’s not designed for suffering. It’s designed for us to In-JOY life.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson

~ 333 ~

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