Be The Ripple Effect Of Inspiration

Be the Ripple Effect of Inspiration

It may seem silly to think that a choice someone made eons ago is in part, directly affecting your choices for transformation today. But what if this were true?

And if it is true, imagine how your choices for personal and professional transformation right now are going to produce a ripple effect across space and time that will directly affect not only your own life, or those around you, but people you’ll never know and who may not even be physically incarnated on Earth yet.

We hear people talk about transformation all the time. It sounds good and we all desire it. But few take the time to consider the ramifications of transformation.

When you’re aware of the awesome responsibility and power to transform not only yourself but how this transformation can impact others, you approach your life from a radically different perspective. Herein lies the miracle of alchemy, which is the conscious awareness of what we are transforming from and into.

This brings me to the point of how important of a role each of us is playing in the expression of our gifts and how we serve the greater good by unleashing our inspired voice.

As conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs we don’t have the luxury of closing our minds or hearts off to the ripple effect of our choices. That’s what our predecessors did. We are the ripple effect of great change. We don’t need to overthink this, we do, however, need to accept this awesome level of responsibility.

How do we accept it? By embracing transformation with a sense of joy and not a sense of dread.

We are diluting the potency of our energetic ripple across all space and time when we dread the work that’s involved in transforming, or we dread the opinion of others, or we shy away from our Soul’s purpose because we dread the responsibility of it, or we worry when we’re going to get that big break that transforms our state of financial prosperity.

Every transformation starts with a choice. In a vast sea of infinite choices, I invite each of us to choose to be the ripple effect of inspiration, not desperation.

Ultimately, you and I are the effects of Source’s choice to express Herself by transforming nothingness into something. We are that something. Therefore, you and I are a ripple effect of Love’s infinite energy in the collective consciousness. That in of itself is liberating. But again, it also comes with a responsibility to honor who and what we are.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson 


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