The First Step In Aligning Your Brand Message With The Heart & Soul Of Your Audience

The First Step In Aligning Your Brand Message with the Heart & Soul of Your Audience

Every person has a unique energetic signature just as your brand message does. A person’s Soul, their creative gifts and their human personality traits combine to emit a distinct frequency that can be tapped into, nurtured and positively scaled through high-vibrational words, imagery, and sound.

Obviously, the opposite is true as dark forces of the patriarchal mindset have employed words, imagery, and sound for eons to hijack a person’s energetic signature and turn it against them for profit. Rest assured, that is not who you are.

As a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur one of the keys to unlocking the potential of profitably scaling your business is intently and consciously weaving in the energy of high-vibrational words, imagery, and sound into your brand message. This ensures that your message is both relatable to your audience on a human level while also aligning with their heart and soul.


Since many conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs have been conditioned to feel uncomfortable being seen, heard, and felt the notion of crafting your brand message in this way may at first seem out of integrity with a spiritually driven, heart-centered business. The reason this feeling may arise is the erroneous belief that marketing, branding, and selling is out of alignment with your Soul’s purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you choose to hide your gifts, out of fear that marketing, branding, and selling is somehow out of integrity with your Soul’s purpose, not only do you suffer but so too does your audience. For when you are not seen, heard, and felt, your audience has little choice but to turn to the low-vibrational solutions that are peddled by the dark forces of the patriarchal mindset.

That is why when it comes to crafting your brand message your heart-centered intent is infused into the energy of the words. This lets your audience know they can trust you and it amplifies your gift of healing, inspiring, and empowering so that you can positively change the lives of people who need the solutions you offer.


Just as unique as your own energetic signature is, so too is your brand’s energetic signature. Your brand’s energetic signature is made up of words, visual imagery, and sound that can be harmonized and aligned with the heart and soul of your audience. Before that can happen, though, it’s necessary to understand the distinct energetic signature of yourself, your brand, and that of your audience.

Without doing so, you could easily spend untold hours and financial resources on creating a brand message that may sound and feel good to you but is misaligned with the various elements that make up your audience. Therefore, the first step in aligning your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience is to identify and then transmute any and all lingering negative and uncomfortable feelings you may have towards marketing, branding, and selling.

One way of doing this is to become the ‘watcher of your thoughts’ as my dear friend and author of the book, “Waking Up in the Dream”, Jeff Cloud regularly talks about.


When you are watching your thoughts, you are transitioning from being unconsciously controlled by your inner critic and consciously taking back power from beliefs that do not serve you. They may have once played a positive role in your life, but now, as you are here to raise the consciousness of the planet, suffering financially because you fear being perceived by others as manipulative or out of integrity, is not serving you. Most of all, it’s not serving the people who need what you offer.

Let us then re-define the term “brand” as a high vibrational symbol of your energetic signature. The intent of this symbol is to emit a distinct and positive frequency that emotionally connects with your ideal client and audience. This includes everything from your logo, website, and marketing funnel to your key message points, and the themes, headlines, taglines or Unique Selling Propositions used to communicate what you do with your audience.

This also includes color, shapes, imagery, sounds, etc.


Each piece of your brand message contains the pulse of the heartbeat of who you are, which includes your brand message. And you are anything but unethical, so why believe that sharing your brand message in ways that attract, engage, educate, and inspire your audience is out of integrity with your Soul’s purpose?

When the heartbeat of your brand is aligned with the energetic signature of your audience, a deep and positively life-altering connection is made. It’s the kind of connection that goes beyond getting someone to hire you as a coach, attend a workshop, sign up for a course, or even buy a book you may have created. This type of alignment and connection is about establishing and cultivating a new way of being, which is as genuine as it is deeply impactful.

Remember, you are your message and your message is you.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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