Those Who Love Peace

Those Who Love Peace

Today, tens of millions around the world will be reminded of the uncompromising conviction and unconditional Love Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated and shared while he was alive.

Hundreds of speeches will have been given in honor of the miraculous work he did. Yet, while his name and his historical achievements will be remembered, MLK will not be truly honored. At first, this may be difficult to understand.

For MLK to be truly honored it will be necessary for society, as a whole, to gratefully accept and apply the intent of unconditional Love MLK infused into his eloquent and passionate words and the unstoppable will of his inspired actions.

More than that, we, as a society – now more than ever – must be willing to look beyond the window dressing of celebrations that honor MLK and begin to truly understand what he stood for. Otherwise, his prophetic quote, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” will continue to be our reality for generations to come.


MLK stood for a lot more than just civil rights for African Americans, although that was the initial focus of his efforts. For if that was all he stood for, he wouldn’t have been assassinated. No, MLK was killed because he opposed oppression, tyranny, and racism at all levels, and against all people. The more this became an integral piece of his inspired message for world peace, the more dangerous he became.

In fact, the quote in the image for this post tells the true story of not only MLK’s legacy, but how we as a nation have yet to fully embrace, understand, or even apply the Divine power that was the driving force behind much of MLK’s efforts.

Another quote that shook the hallowed hallways of the elite but up to now seems to have had little impact on those it was intended for, is when he passionately said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” This was a rallying cry to humanity when he said it and it still rings true today.


MLK showed all of us how to face our darkest fears of unworthiness and gratefully accept our purpose despite the illusions of wars all around us. He understood that while you can’t ignore the external wars against humanity, the most important war to win is the war within.

MLK won the war within for himself as he stepped out of his egoic thoughts and embraced the sacred space of his Heart and Soul on behalf of everyONE. Is this not what we are here to honor and do as well? Once he’d won that war within, he had no choice but to do what he did. For him, unconditional Love for himself meant unconditional Love for humanity.

MLK did not peacefully confront the violent nature of the patriarchal mindset and expose its tyrannical system of oppression just so he could have streets named after him or a holiday in his honor. And he did not speak out through self-righteous indignation or demonstrate Love through arrogant grandstanding, like so many who have tried to build a legacy of their own off his name.


MLK was fully aware of what appeared to be imminent dangers to himself and his family and friends. But he was also acutely in tune with the knowledge that no danger could befall anyone who accepts the Love of Self. Therefore, he knew that true harm could not come to one who speaks of Love, unity, and togetherness on behalf of their entire Soul Family.

Without investing in fear, MLK had no reason to seek a return on the investment in violence and war, as so many public figures before and after him have blatantly done in the name of freedom. Instead, he invested in the non-violence of Love, which sees no threat where there is none.

This is crucial for all of us to grasp, embrace, and accept so that we, as a global Soul Family, can step out of our indoctrinated and conditioned cultural fears and fearlessly walk into the Light of our true, authentic Self.


Like each of us, MLK may have stumbled at times along his personal journey to accept his true purpose and win his individual war within. And like all infinitely perfect Spirits, who take the finite form of an imperfect human body, MLK made his fair share of mistakes, just as we all have. Yet, as MLK forgave himself, he learned to forgive others.

This forgiveness turned into acceptance that he and everyone else are equally worthy of Love. What MLK spoke of and poured his Heart and Soul into is exactly what we are being called on to do today. In fact, a lot of the issues so many speak about our country facing right now is not the result of what leader currently holds a high political office.

Our country’s core issues and that of the world is the direct result of generations of people who blindly choose to celebrate the ideals and actions of individuals like MLK, but conveniently choose not to celebrate humanity. Therefore, when we take time to celebrate someone like MLK, let us celebrate his legacy by creating one for ourselves that doesn’t involve continual investment in the spiritual doom of our own selves, let alone that of our fellow sisters and brothers.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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