Your Uniqueness Is Your Superpower & Your Currency

Your Uniqueness Is Your Superpower & Your Currency

Admit it.

Your inspired voice doesn’t sound like anyone else.
You don’t look like anyone else.
You are uniquely you.

And that’s the way it should be.

Unfortunately, that’s not how most of us were raised, conditioned, and programmed to feel about ourselves, is it?

You and I were indoctrinated into a system of conformity, where individuality and uniqueness were rarely if ever genuinely encouraged or supported. When we stood out and momentarily tapped into that Divine power of our inspired voice, some level of tribal shaming soon followed, even from our closest friends and family.

Sure, some of us used tribal shaming as rocket fuel to boost ourselves into another level of success, but even then, there remains the unseen scars and possibly unhealed trauma that’s associated with being unique.

If you’re like me (and many others) this affects in you many different ways. One way is that you discount the value of your uniqueness while acknowledging everyone else’s uniqueness. Another is making other people’s dreams a priority over your own. And you may also have spent most of your adult life apologizing for who you are while dimming the essence of your unique light to make others feel comfortable in your presence.

It’s important to help people shine, to mentor and guide them to realize the full potential of their uniqueness. As a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur this is probably part of your mission and purpose. But how will you fulfill this important mission and sacred purpose if you play small, feel insecure about who you are and keep your inspired message hidden?

The power of your uniqueness will offend, scare, intimidate and even inspire others, including yourself. But you must’ve realized this by now, so, why let this hold you back any longer?

Therefore, if you are going to unleash the power of your inspired voice, by embracing your uniqueness, I invite you to love yourself so much that you not only become comfortable in your own skin but comfortable receiving the accolades and attention that comes with sharing your gifts and being the leader you are.

Yes, it will take a fierce commitment, unapologetic discipline, an unstoppable will, and a lot of forgiveness and gratitude to work through whatever remaining unhealed wounds and fears may temporarily stand in the way of you being seen, heard, and felt in this world.

Make no mistake, though, that after becoming more comfortable with how beautifully unique you are, the fears and anxiety will dissipate, and your uniqueness will become kryptonite to tribal shaming, especially the shaming that comes from your inner critic.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be that as a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur, your uniqueness is not only your superpower, it’s your currency. So, while you’re planning and strategizing your next move as a business owner, be sure to take some time to acknowledge the little girl or little boy in you who may still be scared to join you on the big stage. Let them know it’s safe to be who they came here to be.

It’s now time to…

LOVE the feeling of being unique.
LOVE the vibration of your inspired voice.
LOVE the sacred purpose you were sent here to experience.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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