Applying The Lessons Of 2018 With An Unstoppable Passion & Purpose

Applying the Lessons of 2018 with an Unstoppable Passion & Purpose

Wishing you all a joyous, abundant, and unstoppable journey through 2019.
May this be the time in which we all unleash our inspired voices on new and unprecedented levels.
From my inspired voice to yours.
Peter Clark Nelson
Light Language and image of a Lyran, titled “Excelsior – Alignment of Head & Heart” created by the Divinely gifted Nalinee Diosara. I have this very print hanging in my office behind my desk, along with another Light Language print Nalinee did of Thoth.
This beautiful Lyran print reminds me of the power that comes from aligning one’s heard and heart for inner and outer leadership, and the fierce independence and Eye-Sight required to stay focused and remain unstoppable in the pursuit of Unity Consciousness.
To purchase this Lyran print or any of the other incredible Light Language prints Nalinee creates be sure to visit

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