Vulnerability: It ALL Begins Within You

Vulnerability: It ALL Begins Within You

Raising the consciousness of the planet and profitably scaling your business does not start outside of you. It begins from within.

By infusing your heart and energetic signature into the words you speak and write, your brand message is amplified as it gets seen, heard, and felt by those it’s designed for. Doing this takes more than just knowing how to craft compelling copy or how to pre-educate and pre-sell your audience through a well-defined and heart-based marketing funnel.

Profitably scaling your business is about inner transformation. Contrary to how most of us were conditioned to perceive success, all of this comes before outer growth. Inner transformation is required to fulfill your Soul’s purpose, the impact of which extends far beyond your physical presence. But what is the key that unlocks this transformation?


To truly embrace your inner transformation and apply it within the framework of your heart-centered business, it will require you to redefine what vulnerability is. Scaling your business means you’re going to be seen, heard, and felt on new levels.

You can read about this and learn about it from others, but when it comes to vulnerability and standing out as a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur, Lightworker, and Divine Feminine conscious leader, vulnerability takes on a much more powerful meaning.

It’s something that can’t be experienced without feeling it first-hand. In order to feel it first-hand, however, you must be willing to go deeper into the essence of vulnerability than you ever have before. When you scale your business without scaling your consciousness, the additional attention and energy that is now directed your way can be highly unnerving, uncomfortable, and downright scary if you’re not prepared for it. And this is where the power of vulnerability comes in.


Many people refer to vulnerability as a superpower, and for good reason. It’s the key that unlocks your Divine creative power, within yourself, and on a collective level.

If you’re like me and billions of others who were born into the patriarchal mindset, we’ve been raised to believe vulnerability is a weakness, when in truth, it is a core strength. Vulnerability is an essential component to scaling your consciousness while scaling your business, which is something rarely taught in business.

As bestselling author, Brene Brown once wrote, “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”

For all of you heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders, what kind of vulnerable connection do you want to have with your business? What kind of connection do you desire with your clients and your business partners? How does this connection impact your connection and perception of yourself in the world? And most importantly, what kind of connection do you want to have with yourself?


I know, some of these questions are not easy to answer. In fact, they are central questions that are addressed during the first two weeks of a new 8-week groundbreaking group course I’m launching on March 25, 2019. It’s called, “The Activation” and is the first new group program I’ve publicly offered in over a decade.

“The Activation” is the culmination of my life’s work. “The Activation” uses the same three-stage framework I’ve applied with myself and 1:1 clients for nearly twenty years to joyously scale your consciousness and how vulnerability is directly applied to profitably scaling your business.

With that in mind, if you’ve been seeking for new ways to get unstuck creatively and are no longer willing to feel uncomfortable sharing your inspired message with the world, look no further than activating the power of vulnerability. It’s the foundation for creating a deeper, more meaningful and enriching connection with yourself, your family, business partners, and your clients.


All of this brings me back to “The Activation” group program. Underlining everything in the 8-week group program is developing your inner strength that comes from vulnerability. This program, however, explores vulnerability in ways that most of you probably haven’t experienced yet.

For those of you willing to unleash your inspired voice on levels you didn’t even know were there, “The Activation” is a transformative mentorship and brand alignment program your heart’s been craving. In order for this to be an intimate, deeply activating experience for you, each group program will have a maximum number of 10 people. Along with six-weeks of group calls, I’m also including two (60-minute) 1:1 sessions with me, which accounts for the additional two weeks.

Full details on “The Activation” will be announced on Wednesday, March 11, 2019. In the meantime, if this resonates with you be sure to apply for your spot by visiting the Unleash Your Inspired Voice “Application” page.  After my team and I review your application, if we feel there’s a strong energetic fit between you and “The Activation” program, you will receive a complimentary 1:1 “Discovery Call” with me that will be scheduled between us within the next two weeks.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson

~ 444 ~

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