We All Know Better. It’s Time We Start Doing Better.

We All Know Better. It’s Time We Start Doing Better.

Tolerance, anger, and rights. What do these three polarizing subjects have to do with Tribal Shaming, Unity Consciousness, and supporting our sisters and brothers? A lot more than I’m able to fully articulate in this brief video.

That said, in today’s video I am passionately and unapologetically expressing my thoughts and feelings about having zero tolerance for people in the spiritual community who…

…believe it is their right to bash, shame, and disparage others because…

…they don’t agree with how someone looks, talks, or take the time to consciously understand the kind of work they’re doing to improve the lives of others.

In this video, I speak about a guy, who was a long-time friend of mine on FB, who took it upon himself to disrespect and outright shame a dear friend of mine on my FB wall, after I shared her inspiring post. Here’s a quote from her post:

“Regardless of what you think others will say, give yourself permission to go rogue. To shake others up with your perspective. It’s a GOOD thing to glitch the “norm”. What is normal anyway? Let’s redefine it.”

Yes, let’s redefine it. Let’s glitch the norm. Let’s shake others up.

It’s about fucking time we get real with this spiritual racism.

I’m not going to get into the specifics here because I do so in the video. I will say that it takes a tremendous amount of unresolved, repressed anger for someone who considers themselves to be on a high-level spiritual path (as this person) to feel it is their right to openly and publicly bash another sister or bother they do not know on an issue or cause they know nothing about.

This goes back to having no tolerance for people – spiritual or otherwise – who refuse to take responsibility for their ‘angry’ fake-ass-spiritual behavior, and instead, use spiritual jargon and covert means to try and manipulate those who call them out into thinking the issue is with them.

No, the issue is on you. In fact, it’s on all of us.

When any of us makes a choice to disparage, disrespect, and shame one of our own, especially in public forums, we should be prepared to get called out on it, blocked or deleted on social media, or at the very least, have someone point out this is not appropriate.

Maybe it’s acceptable and appropriate in the crazy circus of the patriarchal mindset, but not for those of us who’ve been on this path of Unity Consciousness long enough to know better.

We, as conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs and sovereign beings in spiritual communities cannot grow if we continue to tolerate within ourselves or with others the right to shame people out of ignorance. I’m not talking about the ignorance being shown by people who are still slaves to the patriarchal mindset and asleep at the wheel of life.

The individuals I’m speaking of are the ones who’ve been on this spiritual path for years and in some cases, even use spiritual titles in their own work. Once you’ve been on this path long enough, you should know one thing. You gave up your right to disparage and shame your sisters and brothers.

Yes, that’s right, you gave up that right. If you want that right back, then don’t pretend to be some spiritual seeker, or a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur.

Be authentic. Be genuine. Be truthful. Be passionate. But don’t bash, disparage or shame.

As Maya Angelou once said,

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

We all know better. It’s time we start doing better.

From my passionate Voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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