You Are Your Greatest Support System

You Are Your Greatest Support System

When it comes to unleashing your inspired voice, both in and out of the realm of your sacred business, the support of others is crucial.

Like the four winds, support can come from all directions of life, so it’s crucial we keep our heart open for when and from whom that timely acknowledgment and support comes from. That said, the support we receive from others can change as quickly as the seasons for reasons that may never make sense.

Therefore, place not your sense of well-being or the success of your business in the hands of any one person (outside of yourself), a group, or even a deeply passionate dream that may be driving you. For the greatest support system you will ever require is that which comes from within your own self.

As this timely and timeless quote from Kathrin Zenkina says, “Don’t let people who don’t support you stop you. You are the only one living with the consequences of not achieving your dreams.”

Cultivate the support of people the same way you would support your own self. This means offering support from your heart and also being willing to keep your heart open to receive the timely support you require when and where it matters most.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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