Your Most Rewarding Project Is You

Your Most Rewarding Project Is You

Admit it.

Your inspired voice doesn’t sound like anyone else.
You don’t look like anyone else.
You are uniquely you. 

That uniqueness is the power that unleashes your inspired voice. It’s the spark that ignites the FIRE in you.


Don’t ever apologize again for the intensity of your fire.
Don’t ever feel ashamed by the power of your voice.
Don’t ever make any project more important than the most important and rewarding project you will ever work on; which is YOU.

If you’re like me (and many others) most of your life you’ve made everyone else’s dreams a priority over your own. You’ve been apologizing for who you are and you’ve been dimming the essence of your light to make others feel comfortable in your presence.

How does this make you feel? Small? Empowered?

It is important to help others shine, to realize the full potential of their Voice, and to open up to their dreams. This is part of your Soul’s purpose, right? But how will you do this if you play small, feel insecure about who you are and keep your inspired message hidden?

The power of your voice will offend, scare, intimidate and even inspire others, including yourself.

Therefore, if you are going to unleash the power of your inspired voice, I invite you to love yourself so much that you not only become comfortable in your own skin but comfortable hearing your own voice. This is the only way you manifest your dreams into a reality you actually feel empowered and fulfilled by.

It’s now time to…

LOVE the feeling of your body.
LOVE the vibration of your voice.
LOVE the inspired message you were sent here to deliver.

For the way you speak, the way you look, the way you move and inspire others, that’s not only a good thing…

…it’s the most beautiful fucking thing in the whole world.

From my inspired Voice to yours .


Image titled “Forgemaster” by Brandon Moore.

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