Calling Forth Your Destiny

Calling Forth Your Destiny

The source of tribal shaming is unworthiness, which gives birth to scarcity and all sorts of violent shaming. To fight the shame in all of its forms is a losing battle. I know, I tried, and I’m sure you have too.

To even think of winning this seemingly unwinnable battle against tribal shaming, first, you must be willing to face and then rise above the noise of your own inner shame. This is to win the war within.

No one will shame you more than you do to your own self. When you choose to quiet your inner shamer, you won’t hear the shame, gossip and hate others try to project on you for being a better version of You! Instead, when you choose to tap into the power of your destiny you will rise to new levels of confidence, awareness, and self-love.

For those who are ready to rise with you, they will see your courage and genuine passion to be a powerful, creatively sovereign being as permission to summon their own courage to fulfill their destiny. This calls forth your destiny and theirs to coalesce, where the power of many become the power of One.

The people who are called to join you on your sacred journey to co-create a new, abundant world will. They will confidently and joyously walk beside you and others along The Way that has been traveled by few but is paved for the many. The days of infighting, sabotaging and hidden agendas fade in the rearview mirror of the past.

Their arms now locked with yours, you will know what awaits you on the other side of tribal shaming. It is the power and inner leadership of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. It’s not a new term, but a new way of life. It’s a way of relating to and creating a tribe made up of loving, fun, and creatively abundant heart-centered, conscious-minded leaders.

In fact, when you tune out the voices of deceit and judgment, you will hear the voice of your heart reminding you this is where your destiny awaits. For your destiny is yours alone, but you are never alone in fulfilling it.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson


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