Does the idea of creating engaging content and discussing brand strategy for your business usually leave you feeling lost and out of your comfort zone?

And even if marketing and high-level content development are two of your primary jams, that doesn't mean you're immune from struggling to profitably scale your business.

You can have awesome ideas and be a vessel for an inspiring message, but if you find it uncomfortable playing big and being seen as the subject matter expert you already are, your revenue will be inconsistent, fulfillment will be elusive, and there’s a good chance the idea of unleashing your inspired voice produces more stress than joy.

When this happens, you will feel a lot of things, unfortunately, feeling unstoppable isn’t one of them. This can happen to even the most successful of entrepreneurs. And if it happens without knowing how to get unstuck, the passion you have for what you do and who you serve will be diminished. 

If you’re not passionately doing what you love, you’re not loving what you do.  And let’s face it, the immense value you deliver to your clients and the positive impact your message is designed to have on those you serve are too important to be overshadowed by stress and anxiety.  

This is where "The Unstoppable" program comes in.

When life coaches, spiritual gurus, and motivational up-leveling events just won’t cut it, and you’re struggling to put to use what you’ve learned from all of the online courses you signed up for, “The Unstoppable” program is your answer to joyously scaling your consciousness while profitably scaling your business.

“The Unstoppable” program delivers 1:1 life-altering conscious mentorship sessions along with hands-on guidance to develop your brand message and activate the unstoppable power of your inspired voice.

The three-stage process that will frame our work together is not based on hype but is rooted in over 20-years of real-world application with hundreds of conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs.  Most importantly, everything we will develop over 90-days is 100% rooted in a reality that is aligned with your Soul’s purpose and your ideal audience.  

"Sold Over $100,000 In New Projects!"

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter on the branding of several successful training programs and websites. His experience for turning someone’s expertise into a bonafide revenue stream is unrivaled.

For example, Peter’s guidance on launching my book, ‘The Awakening’ and the content he helped create for several of my websites and marketing materials helped me sell over $100,000 in new projects.

There are many reasons I would recommend you hire Peter to help develop your content and align your brand message with your audience. But the one reason that stands out to me the most is that he possesses a rare gift for crafting a picture of you and your message that is bigger and better than you can sometimes see for yourself.”

~ Alicia Ashley ~

Founder of "Be Awesome Now" & Best-Selling Author

The Unstoppable Program Is For You If:

You have a consistent flow of clients but are overwhelmed and ready to scale your business model with a fresh approach, such as a brand makeover for your website content, a book, online course or new group coaching program.

You’re seeking a better way to monetize your brand message and create a sustainable and consistent flow of revenue.

You’re ready to leverage the material you’ve accumulated from all those courses you’ve signed up for and tangibly apply it to your business and your life.

Despite the success you’ve achieved your mind is filled with more fear and scarcity than confidence and power.

You’re just starting out as a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur and want to make sure you're aligned with your Soul's purpose and audience.

You’re worn out from sleepless nights worrying about inconsistent streams of revenue because you’re overwhelmed doing your marketing and content development on your own.

You’ve been selling your service for pennies and offering your expertise for free and know there has to be a better way to profitably scaling your business.

If you can you relate to any of these apply for your spot in the Unstoppable program today.

"Played a big role in helping us grow our revenue by 60% in 18 months!"

“We like to think of Peter as our secret weapon. The online marketing campaigns he developed for Susan’s Healthy Gourmet played a big role in helping us grow our revenue by 60% in 18 months after the first of several projects we've engaged in with Peter.

He did this through the creation of an online newsletter and developing new messaging for online campaigns, which included headlines and taglines we have used for many years now to generate millions in revenue. What is most impressive is how he accomplished it.

By identifying our customer’s buying preferences and demonstrating a genuine interest in understanding our company culture, Peter helped us create emotionally rich content that pumped new life into our brand messaging. His hands-on approach to working with our management team and employees also allowed us to capitalize on emerging patterns in our business and industry.”

~ Kerry Johnson ~

President, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

Here’s What You Receive With Your “Unstoppable” Program: 

90-day Program With Nine 1:1 Mentorship & Strategy Sessions

The “Unstoppable” program is a 90-day transformative journey that delivers nine 1:1  conscious mentoring and content strategy sessions. The first three sessions are 90-minutes and the final three sessions are 60-minutes.  All sessions will take place either by phone or through Zoom. 


Each 1:1 session is recorded and will be provided to you as an MP3 audio. This way you can replay to gain more insight and further breakthroughs. 


Email and voice message support is provided during your 90-day program. VOICE MESSAGE support is provided through the WhatsApp.  


To fulfill the objectives of your project there are extensive hours Peter spends outside of your 1:1 sessions. This includes research, reviewing your existing material, streamlining notes from sessions, and development of content and brand messaging. These hours and all the creative work are included in the cost of your “Unstoppable” program. 

Review of Content + Minor Development of Brand Messaging

At the time of agreeing to the “Unstoppable” program, you will be asked to choose what area of your business you want to focus on developing, refining and structuring your marketing funnel and brand messaging around during the next 90-days.

For example, it could be your website, a book, or a new course or coaching program. Whatever you choose, this is where our primary focus will be placed on for content development, brand messaging and positioning you as a bright light and go-to leader in your field. 

Content development for the “Unstoppable” program includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Identifying the through-line, theme and primary educational topics of your brand message
  • Creating up to half-a-dozen headlines, taglines, and a primary pitch for your business, program or book
  • Minor copywriting edits and structuring of key areas of existing content will also be provided 

Personalized Marketing Funnel & Brand Alignment Map™

By the end of month two of your three-month “Unstoppable” program, you will receive a detailed and personalized marketing funnel document and Brand Alignment Map™. 

Although much of these documents are personalized for you and your unique business, the processes, formulas, and techniques inside both have served as a cornerstone of the work Peter has developed and implemented with clients over 20 years. 

Both documents will serve as a priceless roadmap for you and anyone on your team to apply what you collaborated with Peter on to profitably scale your business long after the 90-day “Unstoppable” program is over.  

With more than a combined 120+ pages between them, your personalized marketing funnel document and Brand Alignment Map™ cover key areas addressed during your 1:1 sessions as well as many other areas that were not covered. They include, but are not limited to the following topics: 

  • An outlined and structured marketing funnel for key areas of your business
  • Insights and techniques for joyously scaling your consciousness
  • Guidance on amplifying your latent strengths as a conscious-minded entrepreneurial leader
  • Techniques for amplifying the power of your inspired voice
  • Self-guided processes and outlines for developing your company’s brand message
  • Identifying and outlining who your general and primary audience are as well as your #1 ideal client
  • Outlines for developing your own marketing campaigns
  • Formulas for crafting your ‘pitch’, headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Captured the Essence of Who I Am & What I Do!

“I am so impressed with the content you’ve developed with me, Peter. You captured the essence of who I am and what I do and beautifully conveyed it in words. You’ve done a wonderful job and I am pleasantly surprised at how enriching this is. The process of feeling stronger, clearer and at peace with my business is a delight.”

~ Caroline Gasc ~

Transformational Coach / Founder, Kiss Your Edge

Hiring Peter for marketing strategy and content development is a sound investment for any business owner

“ClearPath was in need of a brand makeover when we came across an email campaign Peter had done. My partners and I had interviewed several agencies up to that point, but it was Peter’s reputation for writing compelling sales copy that caught our attention.

Of all the other agencies and freelancers bidding on our project, Peter was the only one who actually took the time to get to know our history and genuinely aligned our vision with his talents. He wasn’t trying to win awards, he was interested in helping us win clients.

Peter and his design team went above and beyond expectations to work with us to put together the words and visuals for a website and marketing materials that played an important role in helping ClearPath Capital Partners stand out in a crowded market.

Hiring Peter for marketing strategy and content development is a sound investment for any business owner.”

~ Paul Boyd ~

Managing Director at ClearPath Capital Partners