If you have been on the path of a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur there’s a good chance you've experienced your fair share of breakdowns and breakthroughs.

What if you no longer had to experience a breakdown to initiate and activate transformative breakthroughs in your life and business?

The most creative people in the world find themselves stuck at times. In these moments when creativity is stifled, and you find yourself temporarily out of alignment with your purpose, that’s when the miracle of a breakthrough occurs.

But when you’re overwhelmed, stressed, and totally immersed in your business, it’s not easy to see where the breakthroughs are happening and how to proactively take advantage of them. Truth is, they’re all around you. In fact, your creations are always speaking to you, ready to lead the way to your desired outcome. But are you listening? 

Whatever obstacles you're facing or the next big breakthrough you're seeking, choosing how you move forward can be tricky.

This is where "The Breakthrough Program" comes in.

Everywhere you look there are enticing programs that promise breakthroughs that will radically change your life and business. Some are reasonable and make sense, and others are just plain nonsense.  You may have even tried one or more of them.

If you’ve reached a point where you feel you’ve exhausted all the options available to you for profitably scaling your business, but somewhere in your heart, you still believe there’s a proven and reliable approach that is ideal for your heart-centered business, Unleash Your Inspired Voice’s “The Breakthrough Program” is for you.

The three-stage process that will frame our work together during your breakthrough sessions is not based on the latest fad in business or unrealistic spiritual hype.  Everything we address, including suggested breakthrough strategies to implement, are 100% rooted in reality.  Most importantly, it’s a reality that is aligned with your unique vision, the energetic signature of your business, and the heart and soul of your audience.

"You Listened to My Heart & Made It Safe for Me to Explore What Really Meant the Most to Me."

"The creative process of working with you, Peter, was really great. You beautifully captured the essence of who I am and what I do in words. The process of feeling stronger, clearer and at peace with my business is a delight.

You’ve done a wonderful job and I am pleasantly surprised at how enriching the whole process was and continues to be. Your presence and creative process opened my eyes to new possibilities and breakthroughs I’d once dreamed of for my business but wasn’t sure if it could be materialized.

For me, this became more than helping me develop my brand messaging for Kiss Your Edge and my coaching programs. You listened to my heart and made it safe for me to explore what really meant the most to me.  And to think we’re just getting started with things as I look forward to the next phase of our project."

~ Caroline Gasc ~

Transformational Coach / Founder, Kiss Your Edge

The Breakthrough Program Is For You If:

You’re committed to profitably scaling your business with integrity, but are on a small budget.

You’re tired of inconsistent revenue and want to start attracting clients that appreciate your value.

You’re launching a new business, have a book idea, or creating a new coaching program but have recently found yourself creatively stuck.

You’ve realized that developing your brand messaging and marketing funnel on your own is not the best use of your time.

You’re pre-educating and pre-selling your clients but your results don’t add up to the monumental effort you’ve put in.

You intuitively feel something is missing from what the modern-day business gurus are telling you and you want practical guidance that's aligned with your heart-centered business.

You’re no longer willing to struggle and are ready to transmute uncomfortable feelings you have about professionally branding yourself.

If you can you relate to any of these apply for your spot in The Breakthrough program today.

"A Maestro at Conveying a Message With Headlines & Imagery"

“Peter teaches you how to achieve more when the pressure is on, which is vitally important for success in life and business. He is also a maestro at conveying a message with headlines and imagery. Bob Allen and I needed a visually appealing PowerPoint for our 'Cash In a Flash' seminars and Peter came through with flying colors!"

~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" & "Cash In a Flash"

Here’s What You Receive With “The Breakthrough”: 


Four Hours of 1:1 Breakthrough Strategy Sessions

The Breakthrough program is available in a single session that lasts 4-hours or you can choose to spread out those four hours over a 30-day period.  Sessions will take place either by phone or through Zoom. 


Each session is recorded and will be provided to you as an MP3 audio. This way you can replay to gain more insight and further breakthroughs. 


You will receive a 60-minute BONUS session as a follow-up within 30 days following your final session.


Whichever option you choose, you will receive 30 days of EMAIL and VOICE MESSAGE support. If you choose the single, 4-hour option this support will be provided for 30 days following the day of your session. VOICE MESSAGE support is provided through WhatsApp.  

Review of Content & Insight on Brand Messaging

At the time of agreeing to The Breakthrough program, you will be asked to choose what area of your business you want to focus on during your 1:1 sessions.

Any existing content, notes, or visual branding you have that you would like Peter to review will need to be sent over 72 hours before your first session. Peter will review the material and will prepare notes, ideas, and strategies to discuss. 

If you choose a single, 4-hour session, notes made before and during the session will be streamlined and sent to you within 48-hours after the session. If you choose the 30-day program, a detailed outline of notes for all four 60-minute sessions will be provided within 48-hours after the final session.

The hours Peter spends outside of your 1:1 sessions are included in the cost of The Breakthrough program. 

You may not have any content or branding developed at the time of the project getting underway and that’s perfectly fine.  If you do not have any content for the area of your business you want to focus your Breakthrough sessions on, you’ll receive plenty of guidance, mentorship, and insights from Peter and in your Brand Alignment Map™ to help you develop your brand messaging after your session(s). 

Personalized Brand Alignment Map

Within 72 hours of your final session, Peter will send you a personalized Brand Alignment Map™.  Although much of what you will discover in your Brand Alignment Map™ will be personalized for you and your unique business the processes, formulas, and techniques inside have served as a cornerstone of the work Peter has developed and implemented with clients for the past two decades. 

With over 70+ pages, your personalized Brand Alignment Map™ will cover key areas addressed during your sessions as well as many other areas that were not covered. It is a priceless roadmap for you and anyone on your team to apply what you collaborated with Peter on to profitably scale your business long after “The Breakthrough” program is over. 

The topics and area of focus in your Brand Alignment Map™ include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Insights and techniques for joyously scaling your consciousness
  • Guidance on amplifying your latent strengths as a conscious-minded entrepreneurial leader
  • Techniques for amplifying the power of your inspired voice
  • Self-guided processes and insight for developing your personal brand
  • Self-guided processes and outlines for developing your company’s brand message
  • Identifying and outlining who your general and primary audience are
  • Techniques and outlines for identifying and connecting with your #1 ideal client
  • Outlines and guidance for developing your own marketing campaigns
  • Formulas for crafting your ‘pitch’, headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

When it comes to fulfilling your mission and vision to profitably scale your business, the value of the Brand Alignment Map™ alone makes it worth the investment in The Breakthrough program.

Exclusive Offer On Unleash Your Inspired Voice Programs

The Breakthrough program was not designed to solve all of your challenges or provide the level of collaboration and extent of deliverables clients receive in other Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs.  Many clients who have chosen similar approaches with Peter as The Breakthrough offers have often come back to collaborate on a more in-depth and grander scope of a project. 

With that in mind, after you’ve completed The Breakthrough program, you will have 12 months to take advantage of the following exclusive discounts for other Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs. 

50% off the Unleash Your Inspired Voice group program, “The Activation”. Officially launches on March 25, 2019. 

25% off any Unleash Your Inspired Voice public seminar or retreat.

The total cost of The Breakthrough will be subtracted from the investment in the Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs “Content Strategy” or “Content Development”.  


A Dozen New Clients In Less Than a Month!

“The way Peter made the copy emotionally connect with my clients is amazing. After he helped me clarify and streamline the coaching packages I offer I was able to bring in over a dozen new clients in less than a month!”

~ Gillian Hood ~

Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Coach / Founder, Healthier Outcomes

25% increase in revenue after our project!

“Peter’s focus on the behavioral patterns of my audience helped clarify my message and redefined my brand from the inside out. Engagement on my social media pages are up by 87.5% and I achieved a 25% increase in revenue after our project!

If you have the chance to work with Peter I highly recommend you do. Your business, your pocketbook, and your overall mindset will be so grateful you did.”


~ Loren Chadima ~

 Award-Winning-Director & Founder of Intentional Acting