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Unleash Your Inspired Voice Podcast

Hosted by, Peter Clark Nelson, the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast is dedicated to helping conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs scale their consciousness while learning how to scale their business.

Peter and his diverse range of inspiring guests will take you beyond the doors of perception as they share personal stories and practical insights on how to unleash your inspired voice and awaken the power of your message.

Matthew Patti – Unleash Your Inspired Voice – Podcast – With Peter Clark Nelson

On the latest episode of “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” host, Peter Clark Nelson is joined by Matthew Patti, who is a global leader in the field of consciousness and human potential. 

During this mind-bending and heart-expanding episode, Matthew blends metaphysical principles with practical business know-how, to show you how to supercharge and accelerate your abundance, so you can make more money and have more meaning and freedom in your life.


Peter Clark Nelson

Peter Clark Nelson

Peter Clark Nelson is the host of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast. He is an author, intuitive ghostwriter, content strategist and Unity Consciousness activist.

Peter’s work focuses on the evolution of human consciousness with an emphasis on bringing a more conscious minded, heart-centered approach to life and business.


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