Unleash Your Inspired Voice is a revolutionary conscious mentorship and brand alignment program built on over two decades of real-world application with hundreds of inspired, game-changing entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts just like yourself.

Books, Special Reports, Audio Programs & eBooks Developed and Written for Clients.
Million in revenue generated for small businesses, entrepreneurs & Fortune 1000 clients.
People trained at seminars, workshops, private events, and online programs across North America and Europe.
Years of experience building brands, growing sales, and empowering people to unleash their inspired voice.


What I do for clients goes far beyond traditional content strategy or development of brand messaging. I use an intuitive framework and a proven three-stage process, which I developed and enhanced with clients over a 20 year period, for joyously scaling your consciousness while profitably scaling your business.

Below you will find a brief overview of the Unleash Your Inspired Voice three-stage process along with links to take you to the conscious mentorship and brand alignment program you feel best aligns with you and your business at this time.

When you discover a program that resonates with you, I invite you to fill out a brief application to determine if we would be a good energetic fit to collaborate on a 1:1 basis.

After my team and I review your application, if it feels like we are a good fit, we will schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call with you to explore our collaboration.

From my inspired voice to yours.

Peter Clark Nelson

Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs are grounded in a proven, three-stage process for joyously scaling your consciousness and profitably scaling your business.

This three-stage process will guide you to be in the ideal position to:


Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Monetize Your Brand Message

Positively Raise the Planet’s Consciousness


Identify & Clarify


Stage 1 sets the foundation for our collaboration. Framing our work during Stage 1 is the Personal Archaeology Process. Developed and successfully used to mentor clients for over 20 years, this is a simple, yet profoundly effective process that delivers much-needed clarity, elevated confidence, and laser precision focus needed to scale your consciousness.

Our initial sessions are designed to identify and help transmute what has challenged you when it comes to profitably scaling your business and more consistently monetize your brand message. This will bring enhanced clarity to what’s gotten in the way of aligning your Soul’s purpose with your business and clear the path for you to unleash the power of your inspired voice.

The intent of the Personal Archaeology Process is to clarify the vision you have for your business and then align it with your Soul’s purpose, as well as pinpoint where to begin aligning your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience. This sets the foundation for scaling your consciousness and allows you to enjoy the journey of obtaining new levels of prosperity in your business. 


Prioritze & Align

Stage 2 builds on what we addressed in the initial stage and focuses on prioritizing what is needed to align the energetic signature of your personal brand and your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience. This is accomplished in two parts.

The first involves defining the core problems different levels of your audience experience and why they come to you to solve and/or heal those problems. 

The second part is pinpointing key areas of your personal journey that are relatable to your audience and then seamlessly infusing your experience with the defining themes and through-line of your brand message. Doing so positions you as the ideal guide, coach, and mentor to help your clients solve their most pressing issues and achieve their desired outcomes. 

With a deeper understanding of how your audience relates to and resonates with your brand message, we will then identify realistic strategies and achievable campaigns that are aligned with both your vision and the heart and soul of your audience.  


Monetize & Scale

Stage 3 is where everything we’ve developed and collaborated on comes into alignment. This is where we gather all we’ve developed and leverage your personalized Brand Alignment Map to create buzz-building campaigns and deliver empowering solutions that profitably scale your business. 

During this stage, we will focus on monetizing your brand message by prioritizing, fine-tuning and aligning strategies and campaigns that support your vision and emotionally resonate with your audience. This means the days of ‘hustling’ or ‘grinding’ to get ahead are over. 

The methods you will learn in Stage 3 are part of a framework for establishing your marketing funnel and also structuring your brand message as a compelling and emotionally relevant story that makes your ideal client the star. All of this will be mapped out for you through your personalized Brand Alignment Map and will be applied to key areas of communicating and monetizing your message which include, but are not limited to: 

Headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition, your soundbite, website copy, courses, events, retreats, building a strong community to support you, and how your brand messaging is applied to pre-educate and pre-sell your audience on your expertise and solutions.

You’re ONE Decision Away From  

A Radically Different and More Abundant Life and Business.



The Breakthrough program is for you if you’re on the cusp of launching a new business, book, or program and want to know you’re on the right track or you’re passionate about profitably scaling your business, but are on a small budget.

1:1 Breakthrough sessions are available as a single, four-hour intensive session or spread out over 30-days in (4) 60-minute sessions.

Are you ready to take inspired and aligned action on your next big breakthrough? If so, I invite you to check out all that is offered to you with The Breakthrough Program.

Discover What’s Included With Your Breakthrough Program


The Content Strategy program is for you if you have a consistent flow of clients but are overwhelmed and ready for a new approach to profitably scale your business, such as creating fresh, high-vibrational content for your website, mapping out a coaching program or outlining that book idea or online course you’ve been wanting to develop.

Content Strategy is a 90-day program that involves 1:1 strategy sessions and minor content development. 

If you have a consistent flow of clients but are overwhelmed and ready to scale your business model with a fresh approach, such as a new website, book, online course or new group coaching program the Content Strategy Program is ideal for you.

Discover What’s Included With Your Content Strategy Program


The most comprehensive Unleash Your Inspired Voice program, Brand Alignment is for you if you’re totally committed to going ‘all in’ with your business, ready to fully honor your Soul’s purpose and you know that now is the time to unleash your inspired voice beyond anything you’ve done to this point.

The Brand Alignment program is a six-month intensive business building and life-altering program that involves 1:1 strategy sessions and extensive brand message development focused on aligning your Soul’s purpose and message with the heart and soul of your audience.

If you’re fed up with the ‘hustle & grind’ mentality and have a deep desire to be in alignment with your Soul’s purpose, the Brand Alignment program is designed just for you. 


Discover What’s Included With Your Brand Alignment Program

~ A Maestro at Conveying a Message With Headlines & Imagery ~

“Peter teaches you how to achieve more when the pressure is on, which is vitally important for success in life and business. He is also a maestro in conveying a message with headlines and imagery. Bob Allen and I needed a visually appealing PowerPoint for our ‘Cash In a Flash’ seminars and Peter came through with flying colors!”

~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & Cash In a Flash

~ Captured the Essence of Who I Am & What I Do ~

“I am so impressed with the content you’ve developed with me. You captured the essence of who I am and what I do and beautifully conveyed it in words. You’ve done a wonderful job and I am pleasantly surprised at how enriching this is. The process of feeling stronger, clearer and at peace with my business is a delight.”

~ Caroline Gasc ~
Transformational Coach & Founder of Kiss Your Edge

~ Sold Over $100,000 in New Projects ~

“Peter’s experience for turning your expertise into a bonafide revenue stream is unrivaled. His guidance on the launch of my book, ‘The Awakening’ as well as creating the content and branding of several of my websites and marketing materials helped me sell over $100,000 in new projects.”

~ Alicia Ashley ~
Founder of Be Awesome Now and Author of, “The Awakening: 7 Steps to Unlock the Secret Behind the Law of Attraction”

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