To enjoy the process of profitably scaling your business in the outer world, it’s necessary to first strengthen your inner world.

By guiding you through a three-stage process, Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs are uniquely designed to mentor you in profitably scaling your business and joyously scaling your consciousness.

Unleash Your Inspired Voice’s conscious mentorship and brand alignment programs are built on a three-stage process that’s been refined and applied for hundreds of conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, bestselling authors, and Divine Feminine Christ conscious leaders from around the world for nearly 20 years. 

This three-stage process will guide you to be in the ideal position to:


Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Monetize Your Brand Message

Profitably Scale Your Business

Joyously Scale Your Consciousness

Map Out Your Unique Marketing Funnel

Identify & Connect with Your Ideal Client

Positively Raise the Planet’s Consciousness


Identify & Clarify


Stage 1 sets the foundation for our collaboration. Framing our work during Stage 1 is the Personal Archaeology Process. Developed and successfully used to mentor clients for nearly two decades, this is a simple, yet profoundly effective process that delivers much-needed clarity, elevated confidence, and laser precision focus needed to scale your consciousness.

The intent of the Personal Archaeology Process is to clarify both the inspired vision and inspired message you have for your business and then align it with your Soul’s purpose. This involves pinpointing where to begin reconciling and harmonizing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, which plays a crucial role in aligning your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience. The process is the foundation for joyously scaling your consciousness and enjoying the journey of scaling your business to new levels of prosperity and fulfillment. 

Our initial 1:1 sessions are designed to activate and further empower your innate strengths, talents, and creative gifts as a conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur. To do this we will identify what has challenged you when it comes to profitably scaling your business and unearth what may have been unconsciously getting in the way of you consistently monetizing your brand message (without the stress, guilt, and overwhelm).

The process of Stage 1 does not end but simply evolves over the course of our collaboration, and throughout your life. Everything we address and initiate during this stage will bring balance into all you do by illuminating the pesky elements of your inner critic that’s gotten in the way of aligning your Soul’s purpose with your business. The not-so-secret magick to this is actually transforming your inner critic and even your unconscious unworthiness from your tormentors into your inspired mentors.

By the time Stage 1 unfurls into Stage 2, the process for you to unleash the full power of your inspired voice will have not only become clearer, but the path of your Soul’s purpose will have become smoother and so much more enjoyable.


Prioritze & Align

Stage 2 builds on what we addressed in the initial stage. First, we will identify and align the energetic signature of your personal brand with the energetic signature of your brand message. This involves highlighting key areas of your personal journey that are relatable to your audience and then seamlessly infusing your unique experiences with the defining themes and through-line of your brand message.

This involves much more than writing eloquent prose and eye-catching headlines and taglines. The process we are engaged in during this stage is about diving deep into the essence of your brand message by developing its through-line, defining the core themes of your message, and how each theme specifically addresses the distinct challenges of your general audience, primary audience, and your #1 ideal client. 

With newfound clarity for how your audience resonates with you and your brand message, we will then map out your unique, and heart-centered marketing funnel. This process is framed around identifying realistic growth strategies and crafting achievable and integrity-driven visibility campaigns that are aligned with your vision, your message, and ensuring what you share connects with the heart and soul of your audience. All of this will prepare us to successfully fulfill the intent and objectives of Stage 3.


Monetize & Scale

Stage 3 is where everything we’ve collaborated on comes into alignment. This is where we begin to leverage and implement aspects of the unique and heart-centered marketing funnel and integrity-driven, visibility campaigns we started developing in Stage 2. The methods you will learn about and put to use in Stage 3 are part of a framework that we established in the previous two stages for monetizing your brand message which includes, but is not limited to:

Headlines, taglines, Unique Selling Proposition, your soundbite, website copy, messaging and a framework for your courses, events, and retreats, as well as outreach initiatives for building a strong community to support you.

All of this is built around and implemented to support the various ways your brand messaging is designed to pre-educate and pre-sell your audience on the value of your expertise and solutions.

During this final stage of our collaboration, we will also review your heart-centered marketing funnel and utilize any market research and feedback from your audience to make immediate and aligned adjustments as needed to your brand message. This involves the use of your personalized Brand Alignment Map™, which will have been delivered to you by the time we enter this stage of our collaboration together.

The underlining intent of Stage 3 is to bring into focus all key pieces that make up the beautiful mosaic of your Soul’s purpose, which means clarifying, activating, and amplifying the intent of your vision and the energetic signature of your brand message.  This directly dovetails into the creation, and in some cases, the immediate implementation of buzz-building campaigns that deliver empowering solutions to your audience and profitably scale your business right away.

By the time we reach the conclusion of Stage 3, the days of ‘hustling’ or ‘grinding’ to get ahead or feeling insecure about the success you’re achieving are over. Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are more balanced than ever as you are now further aligned with and fully embodying your Soul’s purpose.

All of this translates into you operating at a higher level of confidence and an elevated sense of inner-and-outer awareness that allows you to be at your very best, when, where, and for whom it matters most.


The Breakthrough Program” is for you if you’re on the cusp of launching a new business, book, or program and want to know you’re on the right track or you’re passionate about profitably scaling your business, but are on a small budget.

1:1 breakthrough sessions are available as a single, four-hour intensive session or spread out over 30-days in (4) 60-minute sessions.

Are you ready to take inspired and aligned action on your next big breakthrough? If so, I invite you to check out all that is offered to you with The Breakthrough Program.

Discover What’s Included With Your Breakthrough Program


Do you have a consistent flow of clients but are overwhelmed and ready for a new approach to profitably scaling your business? 

Have you been searching for a more heart-centered, integrity driven way to pre-educate and pre-sell your clients with fresh, high-vibrational content for your website, a coaching program, a book idea or an online course?

If the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”, you likely know that to achieve this, you’re going to have to be more comfortable with being seen, heard, and felt in the world.  For this reason, and much more, Unleash Your Inspired Voice’s “The Unstoppable Program” is for you.

“The Unstoppable Program” is a 120-day transformative journey that involves twelve 1:1 conscious mentorship and content strategy sessions. You also receive brand message development and hands-on guidance for mapping out your marketing funnel and crafting visibility campaigns that pre-educate and pre-sell your audience on your value. And you will receive a detailed and personalized marketing funnel document and Brand Alignment Map™.

All of this makes “The Unstoppable Program” a one-of-a-kind experience for joyously scaling your consciousness while profitably scaling your business. 

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Brand Alignment is a highly rewarding conscious mentorship and brand alignment online course. This program provides extensive brand message development strategy, guidance for crafting visibility campaigns that profitably scale your business and deep-level mentorship for joyously scaling your consciousness. 

(launching in August 2019)

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