Remind People of What They Have Chosen to Forget

March 7, 2019
Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the primary intention should be when you are a heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneur, Lightworker, and Divine Feminine conscious leader. • Is it to keep joyously scaling your consciousness? • Is it to passionately and ethically serve your...
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You May Say I’m a Dreamer but I’m Not the Only ONE

March 6, 2019
For just a moment, I’d like for you to imagine how different our world would be if more heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders were provided a nurturing space and stimulating framework to explore who they are without being shoved into...
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How Well Do You Know Your Past?

March 4, 2019
In this brief Unleash Your Inspired Voice audio post, I talk about why today’s higher-vibrational state of awareness cannot be sustained if we keep repeating the mistakes of the past. But what does this have to do with profitably scaling your business? The short...
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Vulnerability: It ALL Begins Within You

March 2, 2019
Raising the consciousness of the planet and profitably scaling your business does not start outside of you. It begins from within. By infusing your heart and energetic signature into the words you speak and write, your brand message is amplified as it gets seen,...
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Cultivate the Time to Go Inward

February 28, 2019
As conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs we don’t have the luxury of closing our minds or hearts off to the ripple effect of our choices. That’s what our predecessors in the patriarchal mindset did. This means that when it comes to profitably scaling our businesses, where...
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Accepting Self-Love as a Powerful & Profitable Business Practice

February 27, 2019
Self-Love is a critical piece to cultivating inner peace. In fact, self-Love is literally a part of the business practice for heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, and Divine Feminine conscious leaders. It's how we transform ourselves, our business, our clients, and ultimately, it’s how we...
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Calling Forth Your Destiny

February 26, 2019
The source of tribal shaming is unworthiness, which gives birth to scarcity and all sorts of violent shaming. To fight the shame in all of its forms is a losing battle. I know, I tried, and I'm sure you have too. To even think...
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You Are Your Greatest Support System

February 25, 2019
When it comes to unleashing your inspired voice, both in and out of the realm of your sacred business, the support of others is crucial. Like the four winds, support can come from all directions of life, so it's crucial we keep our heart...
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Fake It Until You Make It Does Not Work In The Long-Term

February 25, 2019
“Fake it until you make it!” How often have you heard this age-old maxim from the personal-development gurus over the years? If you’re like me, and countless others, you’ve not only heard it, at one point you probably applied it. So, how did that...
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This Is Your Life to Create as Your Heart Desires

February 18, 2019
There will come those moments where the outside reality appears not to be synching up with your inner wishes and heart's desires. In those moments, when you believe there isn't anything else you can do to positively alter your reality...take three deep breaths...and dial...
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The First Step In Aligning Your Brand Message with the Heart & Soul of Your Audience

February 6, 2019
Every person has a unique energetic signature just as your brand message does. A person’s Soul, their creative gifts and their human personality traits combine to emit a distinct frequency that can be tapped into, nurtured and positively scaled through high-vibrational words, imagery, and...
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Toucan Medicine

February 2, 2019
Yesterday morning I was treated to a beautiful image of a toucan as I signed onto my computer. I instantly felt this was a Divinely appointed sign and message, so I proceeded to look up the meaning of toucan medicine. Sure enough, the message...
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It Takes a Village

January 30, 2019
Something profound shifted over the past 48-hours. I can feel it. You can feel it as well. We all do. It's part of the beautiful and powerful magick of Light that is weaving a tapestry of Divine synchronicities across the global and galactic grid...
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Your Uniqueness Is Your Superpower & Your Currency

January 29, 2019
Admit it. Your inspired voice doesn't sound like anyone else. You don’t look like anyone else. You are uniquely you. And that’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, that’s not how most of us were raised, conditioned, and programmed to feel about ourselves, is...
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Those Who Love Peace

January 21, 2019
Today, tens of millions around the world will be reminded of the uncompromising conviction and unconditional Love Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated and shared while he was alive. Hundreds of speeches will have been given in honor of the miraculous work he did. Yet,...
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Be the Ripple Effect of Inspiration

January 11, 2019
It may seem silly to think that a choice someone made eons ago is in part, directly affecting your choices for transformation today. But what if this were true? And if it is true, imagine how your choices for personal and professional transformation right...
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You’re Unstoppable Because Nothing’s In Your Way

January 3, 2019
There will come a turning point in your life when perceived obstacles of your past melt away in the elevated presence of your rising consciousness. More of who you are is revealed and what you are capable of is recognized as being far beyond...
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Applying the Lessons of 2018 with an Unstoppable Passion & Purpose

January 1, 2019
Wishing you all a joyous, abundant, and unstoppable journey through 2019.   May this be the time in which we all unleash our inspired voices on new and unprecedented levels.   From my inspired voice to yours.   Peter Clark Nelson   222  ...
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December 30, 2018
It's that time of year again. When New Year's resolutions are being thought about, written in journals, and mapped out. While most of the world is contemplating their New Year's resolutions, I thought I'd share mine with you. It's two-fold. My New Year's resolution...
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Being Heard

December 21, 2018
When we unleash our inspired voice, as conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, it's not just so people can see, hear and feel our brand message. We are demonstrating the power and strength that comes from vulnerability. We are in fact, the key to a new life,...
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