Episode 11: Jennifer Ching Lopez – The Inner Voice

Episode 11: Jennifer Ching Lopez – The Inner Voice

On this week’s episode of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast, host Peter Clark Nelson​, is joined by child behavior specialist, animal whisperer, shaman, and peace activist, Jennifer Ching Lopez​.

During this uplifting and engaging new episode, Jennifer, and Peter cover a wide range of topics and inspiring stories on healing with a primary emphasis on the healing power that comes from listening to the inner voice of children and animals.


As a master healer of body, mind, soul, and heart, the basis of Jennifer’s sacred work is teaching adults and children how to love unconditionally, be radically authentic, listen to their inner voice and to speak and stand in one’s truth and innate power.

Jennifer has spent much of her life developing and mastering a wide variety of spiritual gifts and healing modalities. Because of the vast array of her healing gifts, she is sought out by a diverse set of clients from around the world.

Known as a ‘healer’s healer’ she is a shaman, angel whisperer, animal whisperer, intuitive life coach, Reiki master, medical intuitive, pranic healer, and a peace activist.

Jennifer is also a renowned child whisperer and a child behavior specialist who works with children with Autism and children who have experienced severe trauma helping them find their voices again.

She is a motivational speaker and a prolific writer whose inspiring work can be found at:




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