Episode 16: Meisha Dev Avtar – Communication That Heals

Episode 16: Meisha Dev Avtar – Communication That Heals


On this week’s episode of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast, host Peter Clark Nelson, is joined by Meisha Dev Avtar, the founder of Shanti Naam, a popular yoga center in Castro Valley, California and the creatrix of the “Communication That Heals” program.

We get things going on today’s podcast a little differently than previous episodes as Meisha leads us through a powerful mantra designed to harness the power of our voice and I Am presence. You’re invited to join us in chanting, “I Am what I Am and that is that.”


During this deeply insightful and heart-expansive interview, Meisha and Peter engage in a positively life-altering conversation on how to end cycles of control, manipulation, and shaming ourselves and others, by consciously learning to:

• Be seen, heard, and felt by authentically mirroring one another

• Validating emotions that we all naturally feel

• Deeply listen to our own inner voice and those we connect with

• What it looks like to assist one another along the path of our Soul’s journey and purpose

These timely and important topics are framed around the origins, intentions, and social impact of Meisha’s course and sacred movement, “Communication That Heals”. There are many other divinely charged topics discussed in this episode, which include:

• A simple, yet incredibly powerful mantra anyone can do that harmonizes and optimizes our I Am presence. (Meisha demonstrates this at the beginning of the episode.)

• Being in tune with our authentic presence and purpose with full confidence.

• What is required to create an inner and outer world of Unity Consciousness.

• How we can genuinely honor our individual uniqueness and celebrate one another in the modern world.

• Conscious parenting and conscious mirroring techniques that teach adults, children and teenagers proven ways to authentically connect with the Voice of the Soul, rather than being taught how to distrust this infallible Voice.


Meisha is the founder of Shanti Naam, a popular yoga center in Castro Valley, California dedicated to the journey of Self-Illumination, and awakening the Divine Mission of all souls.

With her team of heart-centered leaders and practitioners at Shanti Naam, Meisha teaches the ancient healing practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, detoxification, and community building, along with facilitating her new, groundbreaking workshop, “Communication That Heals”.

Learn more about Meisha Dev Avtar @




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