Episode 17 – Nalinee Diosara – Light Language

Episode 17 – Nalinee Diosara – Light Language


On this week’s episode of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast, host Peter Clark Nelson, is joined by the globally renowned scribe of light language, Nalinee Diosara, who is the founder of Light Language Art & Energy Services.


During this galactivating and soul-empowering episode, Nalinee and Peter will be diving deep into the healing powers of the ancient technology of Light Language and the profound impact it is having on our world at this time.

Here are some of the many inspiring topics we address:

✨ The role that healing your inner child plays in unleashing the potent energy of Light Language and creativity into your spiritual journey.

✨ Nalinee’s inspiring journey of tapping into Light Language and how it found its way into her highly activating artwork.

✨ Insightful guidance for heart-centered, conscious-minded entrepreneurs to overcome lingering doubts about your sacred work being seen, heard and felt.

✨ Techniques for following your inner guidance to weave your spiritual gifts into a successful, heart-centered business.

✨ How to navigate the inner journey that is required to integrate the higher-vibrational feminine energies flowing into our planet at this time.

✨ There are also hugely activating moments during the episode where Nalinee brings forth channeled messages from the Lyran Council along with several powerful, heart-felt Light Language transmissions.

* Be sure to stay with us after the interview concludes, as there is a recent “Ancestor’s Heart Light Language Song & Transmission” Nalinee recorded that we will play.


Nalinee Diosara is a scribe of light language and conduit of All. She is the founder of Light Language Art & Energy Services where she offers light language art in forms of original paintings, prints, and products, oracle cards deck “Torch of Ascension”, as well as energy services in private sessions.

Her sacred works vibrate on the soul level and reflect multi-dimensional facets of the souls. Her objective is to assist others on their spiritual journey through; inspiring creative and artistic expressions, offering activations of soul frequencies, as well as cultivating love, unity, and self-empowerment.

Learn more about Nalinee Diosara @




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