Episode 18 – Bahman Sarram – The Power Of Saying Yes!

Episode 18 – Bahman Sarram – The Power of Saying Yes!

On this week’s episode of the “Unleash Your Inspired Voice” podcast, host Peter Clark Nelson, is joined by World Fusion Violinist, Entertainer, and Visionary, Bahman Sarram.


During this incredibly inspiring and uplifting episode, Bahman and I will take a deep dive into timely topics such as:

✨ Childhood displacement
✨ Self-acceptance
✨ Resilience in the face of extreme obstacles
✨ Reconciling inter-generational trauma through love
✨ Following the inner guidance of one’s Heart in business and life
✨ The inner workings of Unity Consciousness in a creative environment
✨ And the awesome power of saying “Yes” to one’s inner calling


Bahman Sarram is an artist, violinist, composer, producer and singer/songwriter whose music ties together many cultures and expressions into an ecstatic celebration of life.

Based in San Diego, Bahman and his group, the Mystic Groove Collective, have been together for over 15 years, winning over audiences with their passion and unlimited energy that vibrates through their performances and diverse musical palette.

No matter what style of music Bahman is playing, whether it’s funk, jazz fusion, Middle Eastern, Conscious Music, folk or rock, his improvisational skills, raw energy and natural instinct for melody leaves audiences with a feeling that they have experienced something unique and rare.

His composing credits include composing for the award-winning film “Circumstance”, and several independent films and documentaries.

Bahman is also the visionary behind the groundbreaking “Refugee Songs: A Musical Journey”, a new musical and concert experience that weaves together an original world fusion and acoustic-rock musical score with spoken word poetry and storytelling inspired by Bahman’s experience fleeing Iran with his family following the Iranian revolution in 1979.

Written by internationally published author, educator and immigrant rights activist, Anita Casavantes, along with an original score by Bahman and the Mystic Groove Collective, “Refugee Songs” offers an intimate close-up on one young man’s experience of childhood displacement and coming of age as well as wide-angle poetic musings on the triumphs and tribulations that many displaced people experience—albeit differently—in their own journeys.

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