For 21 years Peter Clark Nelson has been called on to Awaken the Inspired Message for: 

Conscious minded entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, best-selling authors, spiritual practitioners, holistic health & wellness coaches, consultants,  professional athletes, and leading global brands.

Grew Our Revenue by 60%

“We like to think of Peter as our secret weapon. The online marketing campaigns he developed for Susan’s Healthy Gourmet played a big role in helping us grow our revenue by 60% in 18 months after the first of several projects we’ve engaged in with Peter.

He did this through the creation of an online newsletter and developing new messaging for online campaigns, which included headlines and taglines we have used for many years now to generate millions in revenue. What is most impressive is how he accomplished it.

By identifying our customer’s buying preferences and demonstrating a genuine interest in understanding our company culture, Peter helped us create emotionally rich content that pumped new life into our brand messaging. His hands-on approach to working with our management team and employees also allowed us to capitalize on emerging patterns in our business and industry.”

~ Kerry Johnson ~

President, LifeSpring Nutrition

Former President, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

Sold Over $100,000 in New Projects

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter on the branding of several successful training programs and websites. His experience for turning someone’s expertise into a bonafide revenue stream is unrivaled.

For example, Peter’s guidance on launching my book, ‘The Awakening’ created new revenue streams through keynote speaking engagements and high-profile consultant projects. He also worked with me to create the content and align the branding for several of my websites and marketing materials with my audience, which helped me sell over $100,000 in new projects.

There are many reasons I would recommend you hire Peter to help develop your content and align your brand message with your audience. But the one reason that stands out to me the most is that he possesses a rare gift for crafting a picture of you and your message that is bigger and better than you can sometimes see for yourself.”

~ Alicia Ashley ~

Founder, Be Awesome Now & Author of, “The Awakening: 7 Steps to Unlock the Secret Behind the Law of Attraction”

A Game Changer for Your Business & Life

“I’ve worked with Pete on a variety of successful projects over the years. The first was a goal setting program he developed for a sales team I was managing. When I took over this team, the reps were at the bottom of the rankings and morale was very low. Pete customized the goal setting program and coached the team for six weeks. The results were astounding. Sales shot up by 50% and in one year the team leaped from the bottom to the top of the rankings.

More recently, I hired Pete to help me develop a framework for launching my first book, “What’s Your Sales Story?”. His relentless pursuit of excellence helped make it a huge success. The marketing campaigns he set up for the book were instrumental in me landing keynote speaking engagements and securing a six-figure consulting project. Pete he is a game changer for your business and life.”

~ Ja Marr Brown ~

Author, Keynote Speaker, & Founder of Selling In Color 

“Your help in developing my book and outlining my speaking topics catapulted my personal brand and business to a new level.”

Heather Moreno ~ President of PeopleFit USA & Author of “Achieving Physical Wealth”

“The way Peter made the copy emotionally connect with my clients is amazing. After he helped me clarify and streamline the coaching packages I offer I was able to bring in over a dozen new clients in less than a month!”

Gillian Hood ~ Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Coach / Founder of Healthier Outcomes

“Hiring Peter to train our team was the most important thing I’ve done as a sales manager. More than just coaching our salespeople to speak to customers in a way they can hear and relate to, Peter’s effective process was just as powerful for how we communicate as a team. He helped our reps increase territory sales and helped me improve my leadership style in coaching and managing my team.”

~ Rick Bell ~

North West Area Sales Manager – Allergan 

#1 Amazon Bestselling Book

“Peter’s gift for writing and understanding my message was pivotal in helping me turn a tagline for a spec commercial that I produced into a #1 Amazon bestselling book. He has been an indispensable creative collaborator, providing guidance for getting the message of my book, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming” in front of over 350,000 people through social media campaigns, articles, and interviews on television, radio, and podcasts.

Peter’s range of skills for developing content and making sure it’s emotionally captivating for audiences is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And trust me, that’s saying a lot, as I’ve worked with advertising agencies and Hollywood writers for over 30 years.

As gifted as he may be in writing and managing marketing campaigns, he’s a genuinely caring person who goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dreams. Because of that, Peter is more than a creative collaborator to me, as he has become a dear and close friend.”

~ Joanie Marx ~

Best Selling Author, Hollywood Actress & Baby Boomer Advocate

Redefined My Brand

“Peter’s focus on the behavioral patterns of my audience helped clarify my message and redefined my brand from the inside out. Engagement on my social media pages are up by 87.5% and I achieved a 25% increase in revenue after our project!

Although I’d like to take all the credit, I know a lot of it goes to the outstanding work on my website and marketing materials that Peter and his team did that made a huge difference. They brought my vision to life and exceeded my expectations. I have clients who now call me up after viewing my website and sign up instantly for acting classes because they know I’m the right teacher for them.

I was so impressed by the total brand makeover I added a social media package to the project.  In fact, my husband was blown away by what Peter did for Intentional Acting and hired him to completely rebrand his business and marketing materials too.  If you have the chance to work with Peter I highly recommend you do. Your business, your pocketbook, and your overall mindset will be so grateful you did.

~ Loren E. Chadima ~

 Award-Winning-Director & Founder of Intentional Acting

Grew IKEA’s Brand With Women Entrepreneurs

“When IKEA needed a reliable partner to connect with women entrepreneurs Peter came highly recommended, and he did not disappoint. He worked closely with me and our regional team to develop advertising campaigns for seminars at IKEA stores.

Peter also personally created the content for the seminars and delivered them in our Southern California stores with a team of guest speakers he brought in. They provided inspiring and practical marketing advice for women entrepreneurs that was well received. 

To put all of this together we needed IKEA’s board of directors to approve the initiative, which was no small feat. Peter’s understanding of the women entrepreneurial market and his skill in presenting information gained the consent of IKEA’s board of directors, and helped grow IKEA’s brand awareness with women entrepreneurs in the Southern California market.”

~ Yumiko Whitaker ~

Marketing Director, IKEA

“I’ve been through a lot of training programs in my career. Peter Nelson’s easy to follow system for mapping the sales process, along with his authentic and down to earth approach for communicating with customers made this the best sales program I’ve ever been a part of.”

Jerry Friedman ~ President, Time Data Systems 

“Your words and authenticity are such a powerful reflection to me. I am always inspired by your level of conscious awareness that you share with myself and others. Your writings show your depth of heart, wisdom, and a powerful ability to connect, uplift, and inspire others. Thank you for your constant reflections of beauty and brilliance to the world. You are a true Inspiration and a shining Light for everyone that is blessed to be a part of your world. I am truly grateful to have you as a friend and co-creator on this journey.”

Jeff Cloud ~ Author of “Waking Up In the Dream”

“I wanted to thank you again, Peter, for delivering a great course. You presented a solid, easy to implement foundation for selling and communicating from the heart that our young staff could relate to.

It’s rare to come across someone who can teach a new way of possessing a proper mindset for sales along with balancing an aggressive, yet attainable goal setting plan. Your focused, customized, and interactive presentation not only made the time spent extremely valuable, but it served as a catalyst for our staff setting a new sales record for the Grad Pak program.”

~ Brian Logue ~

Director, Membership – UCLA Alumni Association 

Captured the Essence of Who I Am

“The creative process of working with you, Peter, was really great. I am so impressed with the content you’ve developed with me for my new website. Your presence and creative process opened my eyes to new possibilities I’d once dreamed of for my business but wasn’t sure if it could be materialized.

You beautifully captured the essence of who I am and what I do in words. The process of feeling stronger, clearer and at peace with my business is a delight. You’ve done a wonderful job and I am pleasantly surprised at how enriching the whole process was and continues to be.

I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t intense or scary because it was. But overall, it was an exhilarating experience, as you really allowed me to access what was vibrating high for me in the key areas of my services. Your ability to extract information and provide guidance on how to access the essence of who I am and what I am doing is rare.

For me, this became more than helping me develop my brand messaging for Kiss Your Edge and my coaching programs. You listened to my heart and made it safe for me to explore what really meant the most to me.  And to think we’re just getting started with things as I look forward to the next phase of our project.”

~ Caroline Gasc ~

Transformational Coach & Founder of Kiss Your Edge


Turned My Vision for Shift Into Heart Into a Reality

“I had a design for my company Shift Into Heart’s website, but hit a wall with my messaging. Knowing what I wanted to say was one thing, articulating this in words that my audience would relate to was something different altogether.

I needed help with my marketing copy, but it was important to work with someone who approached business with a heart centered perspective like me. Peter was that person. I’d been following some of his inspiring articles on Facebook for a year before I contacted him to help me with Shift Into Heart.

From the very beginning, he exceeded what I thought we could accomplish. In the first month of our project, he crafted a script for my crowdfunding campaign that raised money for Shift Into Heart, developed two-dozen headlines and taglines, wrote a press release, refined my bio and helped me structure my personal story so that it was emotionally relevant to parents and teachers.

From there he took me through an enlightening process for defining and writing the theme of the content that goes on the website and prepared a six-month schedule of articles and topics for my blog and Facebook page. The entire experience helped me understand my audience better than ever. He also provided me guidance on developing an outline for my future book.

Peter turned my vision for Shift Into Heart into a reality by collaborating with me through a heart-centered approach. He’s not only been a great partner to work with but he’s someone I consider a close, personal friend.”

~ Scott Adams ~

Founder of Shift Into Heart 

Fulfilled a Dream of Mine to Author a Book

With Jamaal Wilkes and Dr. Gail Schaper-Gordon.

“When Pete first approached me about a research project on how people can succeed under pressure, I was a little skeptic. Having played for legendary Coach John Wooden and won multiple titles in the NBA, I felt I knew a thing or two about getting it done in crunch time. I’d also come across a lot of research on peak performance and didn’t think anything new could really be said on the subject.

But when Pete explained his vision for the project was to research, interview, and work with highly accomplished people in dozens of industries to see if there are consistent principles for succeeding under pressure that people could use in everyday life, this intrigued me.  I was also relieved to hear Pete had brought on well-known business psychologist, Dr. Gail Schaper-Gordon.

It wasn’t long before I could see the three of us made a great team. Teaching and inspiring others to be at their best when it mattered most was something Coach Wooden instilled in me and a lot of his players. To be able to put all of this amazing research into a book and an audio course to help improve people’s lives is something I am very proud to have been a part of. It also fulfilled a long-standing dream of mine to author a book. 

Being a part of Success Under Fire inspired me to do something my friends and family had been urging me to do for years. I wrote my memoirs, titled, “Jamaal Wilkes: Memoirs of The Original Smooth As Silk”.  It was an honor to work with Pete and Gail as they helped me become a better person as a result of being a part of this life-changing project.”  

~ Jamaal Wilkes – NBA Hall of Famer ~

Author of Jamaal Wilkes: Memoirs of The Original Smooth As Silk

Co-Author of “Success Under Fire: Lessons For Being Your Best In Crunch Time”

~ Brought Out the Very Best of Me ~

“I appreciate the love and attention you and Taylor brought to all of the projects we worked together on. You listened to my heart, Peter, and magically brought out my message in the videos we created, and in my content.  Most of all, you brought out the very best of me.”

~ Bonnie Wirth ~
Self-Empowerment Consultant, Author, Speaker & Radio Host with Empower Radio

~ Insightful & Revolutionary ~

“You put together such an awesome program, Peter. Your process for using a seven-step method for mapping the sales process is not only insightful and revolutionary but what you taught our team about applying a proper mindset for sales excellence has played a big role in helping them remain #1 during a tougher than expected year.”

~ Richard Swanson ~ 
Supervisory Trade Specialist, U.S.Commercial Service

~ Working With Peter Was Effortless, Enjoyable, & Profitable ~

“Peter is someone I’ve been blessed to work with on several important projects during my career. He is one of the most brilliant content creators and sharpest, creative minds I’ve been around.  Working with him clarified my brand messaging and produced one breakthrough after another.

Peter’s been a go-to-resource for working through creative ideas. He provided a much-needed structure for crafting my website content and was a huge help in launching my search engine marketing course.

Knowing what he did for me I was not surprised to hear about the other major success stories he’s helped write over the years, including his own. When I was putting together case studies for my second book, “How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders”, he was one of the first I contacted. In my book he shared how one article he wrote online landed him a $145,000 consulting project. That success story inspired me as much as it did for a lot of my readers. 

Working with Peter was effortless, enjoyable and profitable. The best content strategist and marketing consultant I’ve ever hired!”

~ Catherine Seda ~ 
Internet Marketing Strategist and best-selling Author of

How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders: Boosting Your Business & Buzz on the Web”


“Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales”

~ Teaches You How to Achieve More When the Pressure Is On ~

“Peter teaches you how to achieve more when the pressure is on, which is vitally important for success in life and business. He is also a maestro in conveying a message with headlines and imagery. Bob Allen and I needed a visually appealing PowerPoint for our ‘Cash In a Flash’ seminars and Peter came through with flying colors!”

~ Mark Victor Hansen ~
Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” & “Cash In a Flash”

~ Leading the Charge Into a New Era of Conscious Creation ~

“You totally rocked my book trailer! What you’re doing in the world is beyond the bounds of developing someone’s message or producing book trailers. You are communing with the energy and integrity of the artist’s vision and intention. Through your work and presence, you are integral to the shifting paradigm and leading the charge into a new era of conscious creation!”

~ Merav Richter ~
Author of “The Secret of the Storyteller” & “Brave Ecstatic Woman”


~ Hiring Peter Is a Sound Investment for Any Business Owner ~

“ClearPath was in need of a brand makeover when we came across an email campaign Peter had done. My partners and I had interviewed several agencies up to that point, but it was Peter’s reputation for writing compelling sales copy that caught our attention.

Of all the other agencies and freelancers bidding on our project, Peter was the only one who actually took the time to get to know our history and genuinely aligned our vision with his talents. He wasn’t trying to win awards, he was interested in helping us win clients.

Peter and his design team went above and beyond expectations to work with us to put together the words and visuals for a website and marketing materials that played an important role in helping ClearPath Capital Partners stand out in a crowded market.

Hiring Peter for marketing strategy and content development is a sound investment for any business owner.”


~ Paul Boyd ~
Managing Director at ClearPath Capital Partners

Social Media Commercials

Here’s a brief sampling of social media commercials written and co-produced with my son, Taylor, through Sounds of One.

Book Trailers

Here’s a brief sampling of book trailers written and co-produced with my son, Taylor, through Sounds of One.   

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