Peter’s Bio

Peter Clark Nelson is a visionary storyteller and New Earth leader whose sacred work is designed to shift mass consciousness into Unity Consciousness through the activation of people’s inspired voices and the harmonization of humanity’s Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.  

For nearly 20-years, Peter has joyously served as a creative midwife, content strategist, ghostwriter, and marketing advisor for an international client list that includes Hall of Fame athletes, Hollywood creatives, and best-selling authors.  During the past decade, he has placed a primary emphasis on collaborating with heart-centered leaders, visionary creatives, and conscious-minded entrepreneurs whose creations and inspiring message is helping birth a new world of Unity Consciousness.  

As the founder of Unleash Your Inspired Voice, Peter’s cutting-edge group programs, courses, podcast, and private client engagements teach a spiritually grounded approach for joyously scaling your consciousness while profitably scaling a heart-centered business. This involves weaving together fundamental storytelling elements through a heart-centered approach for marketing and branding that produces a revolutionary and integrity driven process for aligning your brand message with the heart and soul of your audience. 

New Earth Leaders 

Heading into 2021, Peter is currently developing a new podcast, three-part book series, and a self-mastery online course, along with several multi-dimensional stories for feature films, episodic series, and documentaries through his new company, New Earth Leaders. New Earth Leaders awakens and activates your Divine Creative Life Force energies by showing you how to be seen, heard, felt, and valued as a New Earth Leader.

Through select 1:1 collaborations with clients who are committed to unleashing their inspired voice, Peter remains a go-to resource and profitable collaborator for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to align their inspired message with the heart of their customer. 

For 21 years Peter Clark Nelson has served as a breakthrough strategist and content adviser for:

  • Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs & Businesses
  • Subject Matter Experts & Best-Selling Authors
  • Spiritual, Life, Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Financial Advisers & Business Consultants
  • Corporate Sales Teams & Senior Executives
  • Professional Athletes, Actors & Social Activists
  • Leading Global Brands


~ Sold Over $100,000 in New Projects ~

“Peter’s experience for turning your expertise into a bonafide revenue stream is unrivaled. His guidance on the launch of my book, ‘The Awakening’ as well as creating the content and branding of several of my websites and marketing materials helped me sell over $100,000 in new projects.”

~ Alicia Ashley ~
Founder of Be Awesome Now and Author of, “The Awakening: 7 Steps to Unlock the Secret Behind the Law of Attraction”

~ Insightful & Revolutionary ~

“You put together such an awesome program, Peter. Your process for using a seven-step method for mapping the sales process is not only insightful and revolutionary but what you taught our team about applying a proper mindset for sales excellence has played a big role in helping them remain #1 during a tougher than expected year.”

~ Richard Swanson ~ 
Supervisory Trade Specialist, U.S.Commercial Service

~ Turned My Vision Into Reality With Words ~

“Peter brilliantly turned my vision for Shift Into Heart into reality through words. But what really made the difference was that he collaborated with me through a heart-centered approach. That helped put me in a much stronger position to take Shift Into Heart to the next level.”  

~ Scott Adams ~
Founder, Shift Into Heart

~ Brought Out the Very Best of Me ~

“I appreciate the love and attention you and Taylor brought to all of the projects we worked together on. You listened to my heart, Peter, and magically brought out my message in the videos we created, and in my content.  Most of all, you brought out the very best of me.”

~ Bonnie Wirth ~
Self-Empowerment Consultant, Author, Speaker and Radio Host with Empower Radio

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