Peter’s Story

Before becoming an author, ghostwriter, and content strategist, Peter worked in the film industry as a screenwriter and independent producer. After launching his production company, Tan Films, in 1995, Peter gained a reputation in Hollywood for crafting true to life stories filled with compelling characters and riveting storylines. Six out of twelve original screenplays were optioned by major film studios and producers over a five-year period between 1995 and 2000.

With many of the optioned screenplays and stories getting tied up in what is commonly referred to as ‘development hell’, Peter took his storytelling gifts and applied them to his talents in marketing and branding. Along with being an author and prolific writer, from 2000 to 2010 Peter delivered public seminars, workshops, private trainings, and virtual programs on topics such as content strategy, educational based marketing, goal setting, and selling with empathy and gratitude, to over 20,000 professionals across North America and Europe.

During this time, Peter also created and published dozens of audio programs, eBooks, Teleseminar programs, and an online newsletter that were read and listened to on a monthly basis by more than 7,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate sales teams from around the world.

His client list includes hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs, Fortune 1000 corporations, public speakers, professional athletes, subject matter experts, authors, and Hollywood creatives. 


Beginning in 2002, Peter oversaw a three-year research study on peak performance with NBA Hall of Famer, Jamaal Wilkes and renowned business psychologist, Dr. Gail Schaper-Gordon. The results of their research project were turned into the acclaimed book, “Success Under Fire: Lessons for Being Your Best In Crunch Time”.

The book is being prepared for a re-release in the summer of 2019. Updated research and new insights on how to succeed under pressure will be woven into the new Unleash Your Inspired Voice online course, set to launch on July 25, 2019, called “Brand Alignment”.

Before becoming an author and a successful entrepreneur, Peter enjoyed a career as an award-winning sales executive, sales trainer, and held senior management positions with start-ups as well as Fortune 1000 firms. He also worked in the film industry as a screenwriter, having six out of twelve screenplays optioned by major film studios and producers.


With a more balanced and mindful approach to his own life, Peter began to explore how to apply a conscious-minded, heart-centered perspective in everyday life to the high-pressure world of business. 

Not surprisingly, Peter’s focus on the kinds of clients he collaborates with has shifted since his days of running a marketing agency, sales training firm, and business strategy consultancy. In 2012 he and his son, Taylor, co-founded Sounds of One, an experimental concept to build a spiritually based, heart-centered company through social media.

In 18-months Peter and Taylor wrote, produced, and launched over 40 social media commercials and book trailers that helped conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, spiritually driven authors, socially mindful companies, and subject-matter experts get their inspired message seen, heard, and felt by thousands around the world. 


The direction of Peter’s career took a dramatic turn between 2008 and 2009. Despite the success he had achieved to the outside world, inside he was battling severe depression and had become 120 pounds overweight. After returning from a speaking tour in Spain in late 2007, Peter knew he could no longer live under such internal strife and imbalance. 

He took radical responsibility for his thought process and began rewiring his thoughts and reinterpreting his beliefs of himself and life. In 10 months he shed 110 pounds and felt rejuvenated on levels he’d never experienced.  This shift in his life, however, was just the beginning of a major wake-up call. 

While delivering a seminar in Los Angeles in 2008, Peter suffered a minor stroke which had a severe effect on his central nervous system. Soon after this life-altering health scare, he sold off his interest in multiple businesses he was involved in, scaled back his public speaking engagements, and embarked upon a journey to discover his Soul’s purpose.

This led Peter to uncover and transmute deeply rooted beliefs and patriarchal programming that not only played a role in his stroke but had been holding him back from unleashing the power of his own inspired voice. With an emphasis on living a more balanced life, he began an eight-year sacred journey that involved tapping into spiritual gifts he’d been aware of since a child, but had suppressed as a teen and adult.


In 2011, frustrated by where his choices in life had taken him, he was about to re-enter the corporate world when he sustained a double fracture on his ankle while hiking. This forced him to not only rethink his plans but produced his second major wake-up call in three years.

This wake-up call opened Peter’s eyes and heart to the process of merging his skills in business and writing with a higher vibrational message. This took him into the metaphysical world on a deeper level than he’d ever dared to go before. With a focus on integrating his worldly talents in business and storytelling, along with a conscious understanding and application of his spiritual gifts, the integration process he underwent produced a significant shift in the topics he wrote and spoke on.

Since 2012 Peter’s articles and posts on awakening one’s consciousness, both personally and professionally, along with writing about the integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, have been viewed by over 1.5 million people on Facebook and in offline publications.

During this time he also wrote and co-produced a groundbreaking audio series with his son, Taylor, called, “The Wake Up Call”. It introduced a new way of infusing spiritual concepts into the world of business. Distributed through Facebook, it reached over 250,000 people during an eight week period and opened the doors of perception for Peter to delve further into his life’s purpose. 


With a commitment to ushering in an age of Unity Consciousness through spirituality, business, and storytelling, Peter now balances and integrates his creative work mentoring conscious-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs, visionary storytellers, and New Earth leaders on how to awaken and activate their Divine Creative Life Force energies by showing how to be seen, heard, felt, and valued as a New Earth Leader.

Continuing the success of his 1:1 Unleash Your Inspired Voice programs, Peter launched a new Unleash Your Inspired Voice group program in March of 2019 called “The Activation”. This was followed up with public workshops and several different virtual mentorship courses in 2019 which were co-facilitated with visionary, New Earth leaders, Matthew Patti and Wanda Vitale. 

Peter also launched Season 2 of the Unleash Your Inspired Voice podcast in 2019.

Heading into 2021, Peter is currently developing a new podcast, three-part book series, and a self-mastery online course, along with several multi-dimensional stories for feature films, episodic series, and documentaries through his new company, New Earth Leaders. New Earth Leaders awakens and activates your Divine Creative Life Force energies by showing you how to be seen, heard, felt, and valued as a New Earth Leader.

Through select 1:1 collaborations with clients who are committed to unleashing their inspired voice, Peter remains a go-to resource and profitable collaborator for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to align their inspired message with the heart of their customer. 



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